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The Stewart Move at Unadilla: MD Reader Responses – Round 2

The e-mail regarding Dirck’s column continue to roll in . . . We’re on our way to the latest Austin Powers movie, and, for lack of a better topic for today’s article, here are some additional e-mail regarding the “Stewart move”.

Let me first say that I too check your site first every day and really like your take on lots of things. That said I agree with most of your readers that you were a little harsh on him. But my reason is diferent.
What is racing about if not to like war to crush your opponent and prove to him that he doesn’t have a chance? In every form of racing the first part of winning is mindscrewing the opposition. Penske used to have his crew polishing his TransAm cars when every one else is feverishly wrenching. You think that didn’t irritate some people? But it worked.
Young James has had a few glitches this year. I think this is his way of telling the other guys that the falling down Stewart is gone and there is a new sheriff in town. It is a message that avery racer in that race would deliver if he had the oportunity.
Once he is acknowledged as the Champ on time officially that will be all the mindscrewing he needs to do.

Wow, you’re really getting pummeled for that article. Unlike a lot of other
readers, I understand where you were coming from – that a kid shouldn’t be
showing up his competitors like that and act more champion-like. And I
agree. Yes, he is just a 16 year old kid, and young kids do a lot of stupid
things. But should we just say “oh he’s 16, let him do whatever he wants”?
No, 16 year olds get punished for their stupid behavior. I support you on
this one.

Hey, did you seem to forget that Motocross is, and is growing into, a business first / sport second. While Stewart’s comments may have been inappropriate, reality is that sponsors put money out for a return on their advertising investment. More TV time or photo ops’ equal dollars well spent for any sponsor. Most large sponsors only go after the top guys for that exact reason that their logo is going to be seen on a front runner a lot more than a guy riding at the back of the pack. From a business point it was more than a smart move; from a competitive point – yes, a bit inappropriate to voice it in the media. Sincerely (and love reading your columns)

I found your article interesting and thought provoking. I was amazed at some of the responces you received. Some were hateful towards you, this I found suprising. It’s scarey how people can seem to take things so personally isn’t it? Keep up the good work.

Do you honeslty think that this one move to drop back to toy with the
competition to
toy with the brains of the competion is anything new, Valentino Rossi does
it all the time.
Do you think that this is any less deliberate than when Bob Hannah would
ride production
bikes and then raffle them off after he beat all the other guys on works
bikes was. As I recall,
Bob Hannah was fairly popular throughout his career. James Stewart is
polite and well
mannered off the track and I haven’t heard him talk negatively about
anyone. Something that
cannot be said about Chad Reed’s opinion of Stewart. You might want to
rethink this.

All I have to say is if this were Carmichael it would be a feeding frenzy. I can here the comments now.
“Oh that little SOB”
“He’s so cocky”
“with Carmichael winning the way he is why does he have to rub it in the noses of the others”
And on an on it would go, but when its Stewart it okay. I have never seen so many people role the red carpet out for someone that has not won a championship. Yes he’s a good rider, but people seem to have a god like worship for this 16 year old.

Did you see the tape of the previous week’s race when
Reed crashed in front of Stewart and stuck his leg out
as if to block Stewart from going around him? A
cheesy move by Reed and perhaps some motivation for
Stewart to pull his own stupid move by slowing down to
let Reed by at Unadilla.
I think your remarks about Stewart are right on. The
need to demonstrate superiority by rubbing somebody’s
face in defeat is not the mark of a champion. I
cannot imagine Carmichael or McGrath ever slowing down
to give away the race lead when a championship is at
stake, even at 16 years of age.
I hope that the Unadilla move was an isolated incident
of bad judgment, because I think Stewart is faster
that RC or MC, and if he has the focus and
determination to go along with that speed he could be
the greatest champion yet.

Great charactor move to post responses! People respect one who is secure enough to be a little vulnerable. It shows a balanced caring! See ya at the lookout.

Firstly, MD is one of 3 must see sites on a daily basis, have to keep up with what’s going on. I also enjoy your articles dealing with your point of view, it provides a forum in which to look at issues from a different angle. Normally though I keep my opinion to myself on the net, but some of your critics I can just not let go on, where the hell did this racism enter into it from, I for one did not read that from your comments, agree or disagree with your article it certainly did not raise this issue. I for one don’t care what colour the kid’s hair is under his helmet and would welcome him into my home regardless of ability or race.
As for his actions, I agree it may not have been the best thing to do, but he is only 16 and as long as he learns to be honest to himself and aware of others then he should become a great champion. Reed on the other hand is a little more mature and is a lot more cocky than “Bubba” and could probably do with a lesson or two, but then I’m a Kiwi and I could be biased on this one.

I think these Stewart fans need to take a deep breath and a step back on
what they are speaking out about. I thought you hit the nail on the head
with your analysis. Regardless of whoever was behind the “Stewart
Maneuver”, it was done by James, and the brunt of the criticism is going to
fall on him. Hopefully with age and experience he will show the maturity of
the other favorites such as Pastrana, McGrath, and LaRocco.

After reading the group of responses you received, I had to send a quick
note. I read the article and immediately sent the link to my wife (the first
link for her to your site). I sent the link, not because I thought you were
right or wrong, racist, sexist, gay basher, or trying to get inside a
‘gladiators’ mind. I sent it because it was an interesting perspective, and
thought provoking. Nothing more or less. Thanks for promoting conversation
and making all of us think a bit. It certainly seemed to work. I wish people
would think a little bit more, though, before they fire off a weird email.

i just watched the moto 1 move by stewart and his post ride interview.
i have to agree with you. “what comes around goes around.” it will
give me great satisfaction when his day is over and some other rider
pulls the prank on him. the kid is young and stupid. he was probably
taunted on by the fox racing gang of punks.a champion doesn’t only win races. a champion does it with champion
style. champions are ambassadors of the sport. they are role models
for the young kids who aspire to be champions. if our young riders see
this as acceptable behavior, it will confirm in thier minds that bratty
/ punky / immature behavior is acceptable.granted, reed is an arrogant aussie. a champion should not stoop to
reed’s level. if sponsors are smart and have integrity, they should
express their disgust with his behavior. who cares about tv air time.
there IS a right way to get it and wrong way to get it!!!

I agree with most of the responses – Stewart is young and cocky but I love him. I think that a young kid made a mistake and that’s all.

Love your site, read it everyday. Hoping to here something more on KTM’s LC8 Adventure soon. I just had to comment about the Stewart responses you posted. A few of them brought up the subject of race. I can’t tell you how disgusted I get when the race (ethnicity) issue is brought up. Sure, there is too much racism in this world, but why add to it? Is that the best they could come up with for disagreeing with your comments about Stewart’s behavior? I think they’re the ones with the race issues. At the premiere level in any sport, the best are subject to criticism as well as praise, race has nothing to do with it.

I agree.