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This Is Gonna Be Good

The rivalry between Chad Reed and Ricky Carmichael is turning out to be even better than anticipated. Last night’s Anaheim III 250 Main was incredible, as Reed pushed Carmichael hard all the way to the checkered flag. Carmichael clearly had the measure of Reed, but one Carmichael mistake nearly cost him the race (and, perhaps a podium finish).

With about six laps remaining, Carmichael was charging through a whoop section leading up to a triple jump. Carmichael mis-timed the last three whoops, and nearly ended up on his head. Actually, Carmichael’s bike appeared to be swapping violently from side-to-side, and he made an amazing save, although he was only able to double the next jump.

So far, Reed is the most impressive 250 class rookie since Jeremy McGrath. Carmichael, of course, has been dominating this sport like Jeremy McGrath did in the mid-90s. If Reed gets just a little bit faster (and you would expect a rookie rider to continue improving for quite some time), the intensity of this rivalry will only get greater.

We only hope both men stay healthy and ride clean through this 2003 supercross series — it could be the best ever!