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It’s Carmichael (250) and Stewart (125) at Red Bud MX

Ricky Carmichael continued to roll through the 250 class today at the Outdoor National Motocross round held at Michigan’s Red Bud track. Carmichael won both motos — each time ahead of Kevin Windham (Honda). Carmichael and Windham finished first overall and second overall, respectively, with Yamaha’s Chad Reed third overall in the 250 class.

In the 125 class, James Stewart (Kawasaki) won both motos easily, and took the overall victory on the day. Finishing second overall was Brock Sellards (Yamaha), with Kelly Smith (Yamaha) third overall.

While Carmichael is miles ahead in the championship points race in the 250 class, Mike Brown (Kawasaki) has a slim, 9 point lead over Grant Langston (KTM) in the 125 class.

Visit the official AMA/Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross series website here for additional details, results and points.