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Tokyo Motor Show Concepts Point to Merger of Motorcycles and Scooters

Honda Griffon

Here is a small sampling of the concept bikes being displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show this week.

The Honda Griffon is described as “a near future model” featuring a flat four-cylinder, 750cc engine with a fully automatic, continuously variable transmission. It has a hybrid motorcycle/scooter appearance and ergonomics.

Suzuki G-Strider

Suzuki is displaying the G-Strider, with “a low and long new styling delivering a distinct riding feel different from conventional motorcycles.” A large, 916cc twin powers the G-Strider through an automatic transmission. Does this look a little like Dan Gurney’s Alligator?

Yamaha Mabris

We are also giving you a peek at Yamaha’s Mabris concept. The Mabris also features “low and long” styling, automatic transmission and 249cc four-stroke engine.

As we speculated a while ago, automatic transmissions will soon find their place on many production motorcycles (large scooters?). Ergonomics which appear to be a morph between scooter and motorcycle are a trend, as well. In Europe, there are already several two-wheeled machines fitting this description. Send us an email with your thoughts on this trend.