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Bostrom versus Bostrom: This is Gonna be Good

Any time brothers compete head-to-head at a high level in sports, it can get pretty interesting. This year, brothers Ben Bostrom and Eric Bostrom will compete in the AMA Superbike series, with Ben aboard the new Honda CBR1000RR superbike, and Eric aboard a factory Ducati 999 superbike.

Ben, of course, is familiar with factory Ducati superbikes, having won multiple races at the WSB level as a full-factory Ducati rider a few years ago. He claims his Honda CBR1000RR-based superbike is the best race bike he has ever ridden, however. Meanwhile, brother Eric takes a big step up in machinery this year with a full-factory Ducati 999, after campaigning the somewhat out-gunned Kawasaki ZX-7RR the past few seasons. Not surprisingly, Eric claims his new factory Ducati is the best bike he has ever ridden.

These two brothers are best friends, in addition to being brothers. They do just about everything together when they can, including training and playing (which can be a form of training for the Bostrom brothers, including rock climbing, impromptu motocross races in the back yard, etc.). A sub-plot here, of course, is state-of-the-art v-twin superbike versus state-of-the-art four-cylinder superbike. The fact that both riders have the highest level of factory support on their teams is also of note.

There are plenty of other talented riders in the AMA Superbike series this year, including four-time champion Mat Mladin (Suzuki). Nevertheless, the race-within-a-race between the Bostrom brothers will always be interesting, and could frequently be for the top step on the podium.