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Mike Alessi Rides His First National at Millville

After two more Loretta Lynn’s titles this week, Mike Alessi takes on the National pros at next week’s Millville 250cc Outdoor National motocross race. Alessi is one of the most successful amateur motocross racers in U.S. history, with an amateur record that rivals those compiled by Ricky Carmichael and James “Bubba” Stewart.

Alessi has caused quite a stir, already, having defeated Ryan Hughes and Jeremy McGrath in separate pro races shortly after turning 16 years of age.

Indeed, Alessi has offended many of the pros on the National circuit with his cockiness (he apparently predicted his defeat of Hughes and McGrath prior to those races, and is stepping directly into the 250cc class at Millville to take on Ricky Carmichael, Chad Reed, Kevin Windham and the other “big boys”).

Expect Alessi to do well as a pro. He should have at least the speed of Davi Millsaps and Broc Hepler, two of his rivals from their amateur days, and both of those riders are having excellent rookie years (particularly Hepler) in the AMA pro 125cc Outdoor Motocross series.

Alessi won’t be able to hang with Carmichael (nobody can), and it is hard to imagine him challenging Reed or Windham at this point. He is a holeshot artist, however, and should run up front early. It will be very interesting to see how he performs next week at Millville.