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X Games X Super Moto Results

Honda roadracer Ben Bostrom won today’s X Games X Supermoto race over European supermoto star Eddy Seel (Husqvarna) and retired SX champ Jermey McGrath (Honda). Out of the gate, it was McGrath with the hole shot, with Bostrom right behind him. It took Bostrom a few laps to pass McGrath, but when he did he immediately started to pull away. Seel caught up to the lead duo and passed McGrath to challenge Bostrom for the lead. Bostrom pushed harder and harder to stay ahead of Seel, and around two-thirds through the race he slid out in the back section of the course, and lost the lead to Seel.

Bostrom charged back to make up a gap of approximately five seconds, eventually catching and passing Seel with one lap to go. Bostrom made his pass for the lead under braking into one of the paved corners, and as he went inside of Seel, the European Husky rider got a little too sideways and almost lost it, allowing Bostrom to pull a comfortable gap.

McGrath was lonely in third place, having battled with Steve Drew (Honda) for part of the race until Drew made a mistake and fell behind. Behind Drew were AMA supercross/motocross riders Kevin Windham (Honda) and Chad Reed (Yamaha). Windham and Reed had a good battle going for part of the race, with Windham stuck behind Reed for a while before making an aggressive pass in the paved section and pulling away. Travis Pastrana (Suzuki) withdrew after a lowside crash in the transition from the pavement to the dirt.