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Jeremy McGrath Riding Well in Limited Comeback

After watching Jeremy McGrath put his Honda CR250 across the finish line in fifth position last Saturday night, I had to conclude that he is accomplishing what he set out to do in the limited appearances he would make this season. He said he wanted to have some fun and be reasonably competitive. He is clearly doing both of those things.

Although McGrath admits that he does not have the pace to run with Carmichael and the other top riders in the 250 AMA supercross series, the list of younger, factory team members he left in his wake Saturday evening is an impressive one. That list includes Team Yamaha riders David Vuillemin and Tim Ferry, Team Honda rider Ernesto Fonseca, Team Suzuki rider Sebastien Tortelli and Team Kawasaki rider Michael Byrne. Indeed, it would not surprise us if McGrath came away with a podium or two this year.

The real plus for Honda is the crowd reaction to McGrath’s appearances. Still one of the most popular riders on the track, McGrath drew plenty of attention and applause at Anaheim. It is good to see him riding again so competitively.