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Langston’s Amazing Comeback at Southwick

To get a sense of how inconsistent the many talented riders in the AMA 125 motocross series have been this year, consider this fact. Grant Langston (Kawasaki) has failed to finish one-third of the races (two out of six motos), but lies second in the points to Mike Brown (Honda).

This also reflects a remarkable comeback by Langston at the Southwick National motocross event last Sunday. Just three weeks ago, Langston severely dislocated his left ankle in the final corner of the final moto at Hangtown in Sacramento. He was then unable to complete both motos in the following event due to the severity of his injury. With his left ankle still extremely painful and tender, Langston arrived at the Southwick track (the roughest on the circuit) hoping to salvage some points . . . nothing more. Instead, Langston proceeded to win the event with 2/1 moto scores and move himself back into second place in the points standings — 25 points behind Brown.

Langston’s ability to deal with pain is becoming legendary. A couple of years ago, for instance, he continued to race despite a badly separated shoulder that would have sidelined most other riders.

With plenty of motos left this year, and the fact that Brown could easily have his own bad weekend, Langston is back in the title hunt.