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Suzuki Announces Changes to RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 for 2007

2007 Suzuki RM-Z250

Suzuki recently announced changes to its RM motocross line-up, including, particularly, its 4-stroke machines — the championship-winning RM-Z450 (ridden by Ricky Carmichael to victory in both the AMA Supercross series and Motocross series), which receives quite a few updates for 2007, as well as the highly anticipated, all-new 2007 RM-Z250. The RM-Z250 represents a bike that is purely Suzuki “from the ground up”, representing a break from the joint venture with Kawasaki that produced the prior RM-Z250. Less significant updates were made to Suzuki’s two-stroke line-up. Here is a portion of Suzuki’s press release on the new bikes, focusing particularly on the four-strokes.


Suzuki RM-Z and RM riders have had a great year in 2006 with more to come in 2007. With the championship winning RM-Z450, Suzuki firmly established itself as one of the very best 4-stroke manufacturers as well as having the best line of 2-stroke motocross machines.

For 2007, Suzuki is proud to introduce the all new RM-Z250 which is 100% Suzuki and all new from the ground up. The RM-Z450 and RM250 have both received important updates as well. In addition, a limited edition RM-Z450Z will be available with special Team Makita Suzuki graphics, Suzuki yellow-colored wheels and a black seat similar to Ricky Carmichael’s championship-winning RM-Z450. The smaller RM125, RM85 and RM85L sport new aggressive graphics for 2007. No doubt, the 2007 Suzuki RM-Z/RM lineup comprises a winning combination of high performance motocross hardware ready to win races and provide hours of fun and excitement for all ages and skill levels.

Additionally, each Suzuki motocross bike comes with a full race contingency package with more than $7 million dollars up for grabs through Suzuki’s contingency card program. Other benefits such as free track-side support, Tony D School, and Good Scholar Program are exclusively for RM-Z and RM riders nation-wide.

2007 SUZUKI RM-Z450

The weapon of choice for reigning Motocross and Supercross Champion, Ricky Carmichael! The RM-Z450 recently became the first 4-stroke ever to win a Supercross Championship. To celebrate the success of this motorcycle the RM-Z450 will also be available as a limited edition model with special Team Makita Suzuki graphics, Suzuki yellow-colored wheels and a black seat similar to Ricky Carmichael’s championship-winning bike. The RM-Z450 has established itself as the 4-stroke machine that handles like a nimble RM, but with the type of strong, tractable 4-stroke power that all riders appreciate. The Ultimate Four-Stroke Weapon, Suzuki RM-Z450 – a lightweight, exciting package, combining 2-stroke RM size and feel with responsive four-stroke power and torque. The product of Genuine Suzuki Engineering.

2007 Suzuki RM-Z450

Updates to the 2007 RM-Z450 include the following:

Engine Updates:

  • Redesigned combustion chamber for more engine power output
  • Re-shaped intake port for optimizing intake efficiency resulting in increased power output from low-to-mid range
  • Revised carburetor settings for improved low-to-midrange power
  • Optimized 3D-mapped ignition monitors engine rpm/throttle position and adjustable ignition timing to maintain efficient combustion.
  • New piston oil-control rings featuring chrome-nitride coating for improved sealing and reduced friction
  • Exhaust pipe is extended by 85mm to increase engine power output
  • Newly designed scavenging pump for better lubrication and durability
  • Oil strainer is now easily serviced without separating the crankcase for easy maintenance

Chassis Updates:

  • Updated aluminum-alloy frame for 2007
    • Thicker lower tubes and thinner tank rails creating a perfect balance of rigidity and flexibility
    • This balance creates better cornering performance and straight line performance through choppy sections
  • Swingarm revised with decreased main beam height and increased main beam width for improved traction and straight line stability
  • New front fork and rear shock settings for improved cornering and straight line performance
  • Redesigned upper and lower triple clamps for more stable handling
  • Front and rear brake rotors redesigned to reduce weight
  • Aggressive new shroud design which also contributes to better cooling efficiency
  • New radiator mount added to increase sturdiness
  • Side covers are now vented to allow excellent airflow to the airbox
  • Upper holder for the front fork protector is now abolished for weight reduction
  • Aggressive new graphics and a gripper seat


Suggested Retail: $6,799

Engine Type: 449cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC
Bore and Stroke: 95.5 mm x 62.8 mm
Front Brake: Single Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake: Single Hydraulic Disc
Wheelbase: 58.3 in. (1480 mm)
Dry Weight: 220 lbs. (100 kg.)

2007 SUZUKI RM-Z250 (pictured at top of article)*

The 2007 RM-Z250 is all new from the ground up and it is 100% Suzuki. The RM-Z250 features a compact, lightweight and powerful 250cc 4-stroke engine design, a strong and lightweight aluminum chassis, Showa suspension components and many high-performance features for the ultimate 250cc 4-stroke racing machine.

The RM-Z250 engine is based around an over-square bore x stroke design, with liquid-cooling, titanium valves and double overhead billet cams. The engine is housed by a lightweight, twin-spar aluminum-alloy frame combining aluminum forgings, extrusions and stampings welded into a single unit. The whole package is supported by a Showa inverted, twin-chamber, cartridge fork and Showa remote reservoir rear shock. The RM-Z250 features a unique aluminum rear swingarm built using hydro-formed, thick-wall tapered arms welded to a cast linkage bracket and forged axle holders.

Other features include Dunlop tires mounted on lightweight aluminum rims with a special spoke/nipple design, plus Renthal aluminum handlebars as standard equipment. Included with this year’s new model are all the benefits of Suzuki’s race contingency, trackside support, Tony D School and Good scholar program. All these added benefits and they are exclusive to Suzuki riders.

All New 2007 Suzuki RM-Z250 Feature:

New Engine Features:*

  • New pent roof combustion chamber for improved combustion efficiency
  • New compact and lightweight crankcase breather system to reduce pressure and improve reliability
  • New intake and exhaust ports are designed to achieve maximum torque from mid-to-high rpm
  • Semi-dry-sump lubrication system allowing low crankshaft placement, reduced engine weight, and a low center of gravity
  • Transmission utilizes new updated gear ratios for improved performance and less short-shifting
  • New gear-type shifting mechanism for improved shift feel and precision
  • Magnesium cylinder head, generator, and outer clutch cover to minimize overall weight
  • New cam profiles selected for a wide powerband with strong peak power
  • New larger radiators for increased cooling capacity
  • Updated water pump to sustain a more stable engine operating temperature
  • Dual ignition mapping to automatically increase engine idle speed to reduce engine braking
  • Ignition timing and rev limiter set for optimum high rpm and over-rev performance
  • New direct ignition coils to mounted on the spark plug cap for lightweight and efficient combustion
  • Lightweight Titanium exhaust
  • Forged, 2-ring piston designed for maximum oil retention and minimal wear
  • Automatic decompression system for easy kick starting

New Chassis Features:*

  • All new twin spar aluminum alloy frame featuring a forged aluminum head pipe and body frame based on the championship winning RM-Z450
  • All new aluminum alloy swingarm which consists of cast front sections and extruded arms for excellent traction and control
  • 47mm Showa twin chamber, cartridge-style front forks
  • Showa rear shock absorber with large 50mm piston and 18mm inner rod
  • New rear linkage system to allow smoother movement of the rear shock and improved rear wheel traction
  • Renthal Aluminum handlebars
  • Aggressive new body work which also contributes to rider comfort
  • Aggressive new graphics and a gripper seat


Suggested Retail: $5,999
Engine Type: 249cc, 4-stroke single, liquid-cooled, DOHC*
Bore and Stroke: 77.0 mm x 53.6 mm*
Front Brake: Single Hydraulic Disc*
Rear Brake: Single Hydraulic Disc*
Wheelbase: 57.7 in. (1465 mm)*
Dry Weight: 202.8 lbs. (92 kg.)*

* Specifications not final