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Will the New V-Max be Another Icon?

If the rumors are true, and Yamaha is about to introduce a new V-Max (either for the 2007 model year or as an early release 2008), can we expect another icon? The prior model (with some changes, of course) began life in 1985 and almost created its own niche. Now, of course, we have “power cruisers”, big-bore “standards/nakeds” and all sorts of potential competition for a new V-Max. What we don’t have is a huge displacement V-4 performance engine — something the new V-Max is rumored to offer (1800cc?).

This is a new world, in a sense, compared to the era of the first generation V-Max. Yamaha, of course, wants the new model to be a storming success, but it will definitely be harder to establish the bike as “one of a kind”. The dramatic styling we have seen in the concept (above) will help, as will the still-rare V-4 engine layout.