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Six Cylinders

While Suzuki has been rumored to be working on a production version of the six-cylinder Stratosphere concept bike, it is now rumored that KTM may also have a six-cylinder production machine in mind.

Who needs six cylinders? Maybe, no one, but the exclusivity of the engine layout, and the inherent smoothness of an inline-six could result in a successful niche model. Why KTM? We were wondering the same thing, but the rumor is there. Perhaps, KTM could use a six cylinder machine to underscore its push into street bikes, along with the introduction of its new superbike. KTM is also known for “thinking outside the box”, and it would be hard for us to be surprised with anything this manufacturer might come up with.

In any event, six-cylinder machines have appeared from time-to-time in motorcycling, but, leaving aside Honda’s flat-six, they always seem to disappear from the market shortly after their introduction.