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Honda Announces CRF150R Four-Stroke To Compete in 85cc Classes

In the last few years the face of motocross, both at the professional and amateur levels, has changed dramatically. Where once two-strokes ruled the track with their high-pitched snarl and puffs of blue-grey smoke, now the deep, thundering growl of four-stroke 250s and 450s are pre-eminent. With the 250 and 125 classes (recently renamed as Supercross/Motocross and Supercross Lites/Motocross Lites) almost entirely taken over by four-strokes, it was only a matter of time before cams and valves made their way into the 85cc class.

Someone had to do it, and that someone is Honda. For 2007, the stable of bright red four-stroke MXers will have a younger brother to sit beside the CRF250R and CRF450R: the CRF150R.

In designing the CRF150R, Honda borrowed much of what has made its older siblings so successful – the lightweight ‘Unicam’ single overhead cam design, along with fully adjustable Showa suspension. However, unlike the CRF250R and 450R’s aluminum perimeter frame, the CRF150R carries on with a traditional steel tube chassis. Nevertheless, Honda claims the CRF150R weighs in at only 165.3lbs (dry), and the CRF150R Expert has a claimed dry weight of 169.7lbs. Honda’s CR85R two-stroke has a claimed dry weight of 144lbs, for comparison.

The CRF150R will be available in both standard and ‘Expert’ models, the Expert featuring bigger wheels, a taller seat, and a longer swingarm, all designed to accomodate larger riders. The CRF150R will carry a US MSRP of $4,199, and the Expert will leave US dealerships for $4,299.