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Readers Respond to Hayden/Pedrosa Incident

When we posted a short article addressing the Hayden/Pedrosa crash at Estoril last Thursday, we received an emotional response from some of our readers. Here are the reader responses in their unedited form.

  • “Pedrosa attempted to slice inside of Hayden”

    On the paint as well! Even the most novice riders know not to make traction risking moves on a painted line!

    Great site Dirck, keep it up!

  • I am stunned by your article. What a state of mind. Of course you can be upset about what happened. I was astonished when I saw it happen and upset because it ended the racing. The fight was over.Now you can stay upset but it is your own energy you are wasting. I am sure Pedrosa has learned a valuable lesson, most probably for the rest of his career if he will have one. Its sport and this happens. Get over it and live with a smile. You are much prettier that way.

  • Right on the money Dirk,
    it’s good to see someone put it in print.
    We Aussies like our racing close, however that move was not kosher.

  • I could not agree more with what you said about that stupid move by Dani Pedrosa. Being from Kentucky myself and living there now, I will be astounded if they don’t kick Dani Pedrosa off the team! I am surprised there has not been murder in the HRC camp.

  • I totally agree! Pedrosa should be held accountable! I would throw him off of the team! How can Nicky possibly trust this guy in the future… My understanding of the incident is that Nicky might have bumped Pedrosa & the Dani came back & crashed them both! Sounds like unjustified retaliation to me….

    & now, Honda’s only hope is Nicky smoking the field in the final race…I hope Nicky & Honda know that they can’t count on Pedrosa for ANY help!

  • I totally agree with you concerning Dani Pedrosa’s pass. When I read/heard about it, I thought “maybe he just goofed”. After seeing it and thinking about it for a couple of days (like you did), I’m still shocked. Here we have Honda, arguably the best manufacturer out there, on the verge of showing that “yes” they can take the championship back. Not to mention (ahem, too late) Nicky Hayden finally being able to live up to the intense pressure we the American public (and he) has put on himself to show what he can do, and his OWN TEAM MATE knocks him out of the 2nd to last race, thereby putting even more pressure on him to win the last race to make up the points he has lost to Valentino Rossi to win the championship.

    To Dani Pedrosa: Race hard. Please. But for goodness sake, do NOT take out your own team mate. Especially when he/she is on the verge of winning the championship. What were you thinking? When the race in Valencia starts you had best be Nicky’s most stringent supporter. If there is anything short of taking out another rider that you can do to help Nicky win at Valencia, I hope you would take the opportunity to try and make up for your mistake.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. Thanks for the great e-zine and letting me vent. Being smack dab in the middle of NASCAR country (South Texas), there aren’t too many people around here that I can have an intelligent motorcycle racing conversation with.

  • your very first words “After learning……..” tell me you didn’t watch the race in it’s original broadcast.

    Let me point out, Nicky had barged passed Dani quite violently prior to Dani’s blundering attempt and could easily have knocked Dani off his bike.
    All I can think is Dani must have thought something like “screw you, you ain’t gonna bash past me like that, I’ll do it right back”. Team chivalry aside, to be a ex 250 champ, you’ve gotta be ultra competitive and not take too much crap from anyone. Even a team-mate leading a championship. I can see how the blunder happened.

    I wish Americans would quite bitching so much about it. It’s only a freaking motorcycle race. Entertainment. Period.
    People die daily in Iraq and Afghanistan for far less.
    Methinks it’s all because deep down, Americans know Nicky hasn’t a shot in hell next year of winning. I mean, really, how often does Rossi have his bike blow up twice in a season? Two races with zero points that were not his fault. If that hadn’t happened, the championship wouldn’t have been close to begin with.

    Let it go.

  • If you were stunned before take a look at what Mr. Puig had to say about the incident. Talk about inexcusable! I think Dani and Alberto both are do for a drug test! [Reader goes on to quote article from]

  • “We still don’t know quite what to say about this — we are still stunned here at MD. Nicky Hayden could still win the MotoGP championship at the final race, and we will reserve final comment until after the series has ended.”

    Gee, you weren’t so reticent in complaining about a yellow flag that mayor may not have been seen. And you hammered race officials for leaving their decision until the race concluded a few minutes later. Now you want to wait two weeks to think about a more grievous incident?

  • I couldn’t agree more with your comments about Pedrosa….I’m still stunned too. I was talking to my friend, that isn’t even a motorcyclist, but has taken to watching the excitement of MotoGP and he agreed that we had never seen a worse decision in all of any type of racing: F1, Champ, etc.!

    What I don’t understand the most is that’s it’s obvious that Hayden is the lead rider for Honda and had already passed Dani a few laps back, nudging him just a little. Nicky was proven to be faster on that day and yet Dani just “bulled” his way in there COMPLETELY out-of-control.

    Inexcusable, indeed. I guess we’ll see how this shakes out. The one good thing is that Nicky won’t have Dani as a teammate anymore and should have his pick of teams in the future. He will be back in the championship hunt soon enough. 🙂

    I enjoy your website daily.

  • Wow, Take a step back,,,, how biased you sound in this article.

  • I understand the consternation over Pedrosa taking out Hayden. I’m uncomfortable with your sense that the standing order on any team is to not take out your teammate. Contrast your statement with the guy in FASTER, it could be Micky, who stated that the person you most want to beat is your teammate. Your equipment is most similar to your teammates’ so you prove yourself a better rider by beating them. Of course you want to beat everyone else as well, but first beat your teammate. I think that’s the reason most teams have to have orders.

  • To add insult yo injury, Alberto Puig, Dani’s mentor is putting the blame on Hayden! He claims that Hayden slowed down on the racing line. Of course he slowed down for the turn! What a moron.

  • Amen! BTW, for sale: 1 lightly used Arai Dani Pedrosa replica helmet…

  • I agree, the more you see the dumb ass move by Podrosa the more you wonder what in the world was he thinking! I am not a conspiracy guy but this almost makes me one, How did Yamaha pay Podrosa to pull that stunt off!
    I am still pissed!

  • What gives?

    Maybe you can shed some light on this. You and everyone else in America ( and I am American) seem to think Nicky Hayden is the best rider out there. Tell me… just what has he done? Compare him to Rossi, Biaggi, Roberts and many others. Even the rookies like Padrosa and Stoner. How long did it take Nicky to even get on the podium much less actually win a race and not many of them I might add.

    As for the Padrosa thing. Here you have a 3 time world champion and rookie race winner that is close in the points to win it all. He made a mistake that just happens to take out Nicky. ( When I saw it, it looked like nicky turned into Padrose, but maybe not) If this was to happen to… let’s say Rossi (1st Race of 2006) you all say oh well… that’s racing, too bad.

    Yes I think Nicky is a really good rider. You have to be, to ride MotoGP, but come on… beating Valentino by a few points in this crazy year doesn’t make Nicky better at all. If anything it proves how good Valentino is. By coming back from all the bad things that happened this year.

    Win or lose, this has still been a great year of MotoGP racing.

    I don’t mean to be harsh, I just don’t understand all the hype about Nicky. I would love to hear what all your readers think about this.

  • my 2 cents worth. Although I’m not a Honda fan (Suzuki in my blood), I was furious when I saw the Hayden/Pedrosa crash while watching the MotoGP race. I am an American and desperately wanted Nicky to win the championship. Although Honda has made it clear that they have no team orders, they definitively should have spoken to all their riders about passing
    each other “cleanly” – just as Mr. Edge stated in his article. Although Honda cannot control (real-time) what one of their riders stupidly does on the track, they should fire Pedrosa for his stupidity. Or, if Honda does nothing about it, Hayden should resign from the team. I’m sure another team would sign him up right away. Do you think Colin Edwards (or any other team rider) would ever do something like that? No way. I know my reaction might be a bit drastic, but if Honda does nothing about this incident,
    I will never buy another Honda product. Maybe if more Americans did that, Honda would get the message.

  • Thank you for your statement on Pedrosa bad move on Hayden. The feeling you describe matches many people including mine. In fact his move was a sad day for MotoGP viewers – the stuff that probably never would have happened in F1.

  • Typical Nicky lover statement. Pedrosa still had a mathmatical chance at the title (very small)l, and Hayden pulled a lousy move on him the lap before bumping him and almost pushing him off the track. This whole thing should be mute but Hayden lacked the skill to maintain a giant points lead as all the other front runners were either hurt and or DNF or DNS. How many mechanicals did Rossi suffer? Broken bones in hands and ankles. I’m sure all the Nicky lovers will be moaning this for all time. If Rossi was behind by 8 points going into the last race I bet that the odds would be way in his favor to still win the championship, why? Because Hayden has only managed to win 3 times in all these years. Twice at his home track which is bumpy and dangerous, and a gift at Assen this year when Edwards fell at the last corner and all the other front runners were injured. All Hayden has to do to EARN the championship is win a race. Fat chance.

  • Did you folks see the comments by Alberto Puig posted over on SuperbikePlanet?

  • Yes this was an inexcusable accident, However I wouldn’t blame only Deni Pedrosa for this.

    I really believe that Deni is less aggressive of all of front runners. Just a lap before of this accident happened Nicky Hayden just cut Deni and Deni quietly let Nicky to go

    And I remember how Valentino Rossi cut Deni on Valencia track and again Deni did not complain.

    I understand you probably a Nicky Haydens fan and wish him the best as we all do. But as you can see today there are quite a few of these guys are the best quality and to count on one accident for lost championship is just not fare.

    [Correction, I am sorry I meant Brno race not Valencia.]

  • am a fan of motorcycle racing. I have done some racing myself, but it was so long ago, I can hardly remember. I can’t help being “amused” by your article and also by many of my friends, who agree with your point of view. As you may imagine I don’t quite agree. Nicky’s shunt, although unfortunate, was just another racing incident. He put himself in that situation by continuing to qualify poorly and by not charging to the front, as a champion should. He was ahead in the points only because his fellow competitors have had mechanical issues or racing incidents. My expectations of Nicky were much higher, specially because he does have the best and fastest equipment under him. He comes up short too often, and thereby is not deserving of a championship.

  • You said it. Thanks for being honest.

    I had these feelings and more…(see my post on – OCT 15 MotoGP SPOILER)…

    The good news is that Nicky is arguably the best rider and looking better all the time. There is no longer a dominant rider – witness Rossi’s season and specifically his inability to check out in the Portuguese GP.

  • You are correct! There is no reasonable explanation for attempting to stick a bike on what appears to be a negative-camber curb at almost full lean angle. If Dani had simply lost traction somewhere on a racing line and slid into Nicky, we could say “that was really stupid” and move on. BUT, as I saw it on, the curb he drove onto had negative camber.

    Mis-judging your speed is an error that even pros can make, but only the dumbest rookie rider would ever try to clip a negative camber curb at almost full lean. I want blood!

  • I wholeheartedly agree with your commentary on the Hayden-Pedrosa incident. At the minimum, Pedrosa showed an incredible lapse of judgment with that pass. Send him back to 250’s, and remind him how he ruined Hayden’s championship shot!!!!!!

  • Still Stunned.One lap prior,Nicky almost took both out. Desperate?

  • Well said on Pedrosa. I had really grown to like the kid, but now he’s pretty much blown it in my eyes. There was just no excuse for what he did at that point in the race , that point in the season, and to that rider. It showed an immaturity that we had been told he lacked. Then to have Puig attempt to put the blame on Nicky, saying he was braking incorrectly and forced Dani to crash into him is completely absurd. Heads should roll for that one, and where is Dorna? Surely Pedrosa’s move was much more worthy of penalties than Hopper’s overzealous entry into Motegi’s corner one a couple years back which forced him to sit out the next race. I suppose in the meantime, all we can do is shop:

  • After reading your article concerning the accident between Nicky Hayden and Dani Pedrosa. You have seriously lost focus of the real issue here. The only reason why this incident has been such a huge deal is the implication that it has towards the Championship standings. Nicky really only has himself to blame. He is the one that has squandered a 51 point lead since Laguna Seca. Rossi has had 3 DNF’s this season and has steadily made ground while Nicky has lost it. I am by far no means a Dani fan, but it is completely unfair to place the blame on his shoulders. Dani has road an excellent rookie season. He has just as many race wins as Hayden. He has more pole positions than Nicky this season and almost has many podiums. It was very unfortunate that the accident occurred, but I think you are letting your emotion blind you to the reality. Nicky has done this to himself. Championships are earned on results and the ability to overcome hardships. If you have any questions, just ask Valentino Rossi.

  • How about the matter that Alberto Puig, Mr. Pedrosa’s manager, put the blame
    On Hayden and said that Pedrosa didn’t do anything wrong? [Reader goes on to quote article from] Anyone who didn’t give a damn about anyone but himself, that is.

  • Stunned doesn’t go near what I am feeling. Dani better have a large cadre of bodyguards at Laguna next July if Nicky ends up not winning the championship because of Pedrosa’s hairball move. Such a move would get you thrown out of any track day I‘ve been to. Problem with the brakes? When was the last time you saw any racing motorcycle have brake problems? Look closely at the vide and look at his hands.

    I agree that “Don’t take out your teammate is rule #1.” In Formula 1 it has cost drivers their seat. However since Repsol is Spanish as is Pedrosa that is unlikely to happen. On a personal level, I think I would have kicked his butt, but, hey, that’s just me. HRC seems to have done a disservice to us all by not having team orders here. Instead of having a possible high finish by both bikes ? podium? They end up in the kitty litter with zero to show except a disaster.

  • Here, Here!!! People have been trying to tell me it was “just an accident”. If I had an accident like that, I’d be looking for a new job.

  • There is no excuse for Pedrosa`s bonehead move,but let`s get real here.If Hayden was really championship material he would have clinched 1st palce by now.How many dnf`s Rossis has had 4,5 ?

    He rides like used car salesman,3 or 4th ,Laguna aside,has he ever lead a race ?

  • I can see where one would want to be careful around one’s team-mate especially in this situation, but I seem to recall in the tour de France a few years ago that Hinault said to Lemond, “Sure I have ridden for you. I have cleared the way and now if you beat me you are champion” Lemond did win but carped about it the whole way to Paris and beyond. Nicky has to earn it, to win it, and although I am no expert like you guys, it seems to me that Dani just screwed up, ran in too hot, off line, and fell. I have not seen or heard Dani say that he was trying to pass. I also recall a race a few years ago in superstock or supersport where a couple of German teamates took each other out on the last bit of the last race with the championship on the line, it happens, or maybe my memory’s shot. In any case, Nicky has two wins and one is a lucky one at that; and only three in his career. I don’t need to list Rossi’s ill-fortunes this year that he has ridden through smiling. So If Nicky wants to be the champion or at least a champion then let him go at it with Rossi in Valencia and show us what he has without the dark glasses and hopefully any interference. I am sure that if he beats Rossi in the race and/or the championship then Rossi will be happy for him like Rossi was for Capirossi’s victories or Elias’s victory ( the same guy who knocked Rossi over and may have cost him the points he needed in the first race) I respect Nicky’s humility, honesty, talent and hard work but he is edging up on being another whiney american like the earlier mentioned Lemond, although Nicky obviously lacks Lemond’s arrogance. And remember, Rossi is no primadonna, he dropped the gloves with Biaggi, put the move on Sete, gets knocked off, penalized, DNF’d, injured and still wins wins wins AND celebrates other people’s victories too. There’s a lesson there. People, stop being stunned and move humble opinion, hx2.

  • You might like to take a look at the tape again. Nicky put the same move on Pedrosa earlier in the race. The result was nearly the same. I feel badly for Pedrosa.

    Unfortunately, Rossi was also taken out earlier in the season.

    As they say, “that’s racing”…

  • Read your “Still Stunned” comment.

    When I saw the race on Sunday, everyone had the same reaction as yourself who was watching with me. I thought something else though immediately…

    What if Pedrosa did it intentionally? Think about it — he’d have to ride next to Hayden next year who might possibly have a #1 plate on his bike and all the publicity via Honda / Repsol that would go with it. He wants to be Honda’s Golden Child via comments made lately. If Rossi wins this year and beats Hayden — it will only be a footnote in history in regard to Pedrosa. IF THEN Pedrosa wins next year on a Honda with Repsol as a sponsor… Hayden is history with Honda and the team is then Pedrosa’s — plus he doesn’t have to be the #2 teammate all season long (due to Hayden’s #1 status) and the indignity that goes with it.

    Conspiracy? I wouldn’t put it past Puig who is Pedrosa’s manager and his dislike for Hayden…

  • I’ll say it. If I were HRC, Pedrosa would from this moment on never ride on one of my bikes again. I don’t need someone that stupid riding for me. I cant afford him on my team from both a human injury and monetary and sales point of view.

  • I am no longer stunned about Daniel Pedrosa’s ‘punting’ of Nicky Hayden at Estoril. I am wondering why he hasn’t been relieved of his duties yet. I know for a fact that if I made an error of similar magnitude in my line of work, I’d be fired and out the door before the smoke cleared. So would most of us. Why should a racer get a free pass?

    Go back through the race results starting at his return from injury, which essentially put him out of contention for the championship.

    He has consistently been the worst possible team-mate for a championship contender. He has finished in front of Hayden, sometimes directly, while making no attempt to help his team-mate maximize his point scoring, whether by letting him by and playing rear-guard, or just simply not trying to pass him.

    Had I been in Nicky Hayen’s boots on Sunday afternoon, Honda would be looking for a temporary rider to end the season as Pedrosa would be incapable due to injury.

    I don’t like to be like this, but here’s to hoping that Honda releases Pedrosa at the end of the season, and is publically forthright about why.

    Thanks for the great website,

  • I am disgusted by Pedrosa’s negligence. I didn’t like him prior to this incident because he has an unfair advantage due to his weight. According to some British bike magazines I’ve read last month Pedrosa has some ridiculous phobia with people standing to his right (I don’t remember the details). I’m curious what other readers have to say about this…

    Thanks for everything you guys are the best!

  • Right on, Dirck!

  • RE: Still Stunned, your commentary on Dani Pedrosa taking out Nicky Hayden at the Estoril GP.

    I too watched the MotoGP race last Sunday in stunned bafflement. My brother watched it this week (on Tivo) and he couldn’t speak for about 3 minutes. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any commentary posted on your site, since you and your co-workers seem to be strong MotoGP followers. Probably better that you didn’t respond right away.

    Pedrosa is something of an enigma. He races hard, with amazing skill, but seems detached – almost as though no one else exists in the series. Thats fine. The paddock plays host to all kinds of personalities. But to take Nicky out because of either a foolhardy passing maneuver, or a simple corner entrance mistake while following too closely, is inexplicable. Fair competition would dictate that Pedrosa should race for the flag from the outset, but once Nicky passed him (on an aggressive but fair move in the same corner on the previous lap) to move into third, Pedrosa lost that right. Common sense and teamwork should have indicated at that point in the championship that his only option for passing Nicky would be if Hayden made a mistake or was not able to keep the pace.

    I do not write Pedrosa’s failure off as being a rookie mistake. Pedrosa has been racing professionally at the World level for close to 5 years now. He is no rookie to racing. Maybe he never had a teammate that was in a better position to win than himself. I enjoy Pedrosa’s skill and have looked forward to rooting for him throughout his burgeoning career. That will more difficult now, and mores the pity.

    Nicky has borne the development rider role well, never complaining, while Pedrosa has been able to play the wonderchild, able to focus exclusively on himself and racing. The outcome of his act simply shows a remarkable selfishness on Dani’s part. His only exoneration at this point would be to beat Rossi next week, and give Nicky a chance to earn the title.

    On another note, the fact that KRJR lost track of the checkered flag only made things worse, for if he hadn’t, Rossi may well have finished third, allowing Nicky to at least remain be in control of his own destiny.

    One final note. In the 1983 season, a young Freddie Spencer made a very aggressive passing maneuver on King Kenny Roberts to win that year’s penultimate Formula One (‘MotoGP’) round. In the season finale, Roberts needed a young Eddie Lawson to finish ahead of Spencer in order to secure the championship. Alas for Roberts fans, Lawson fried his clutch trying to get a good start, leaving Roberts to win the race, and Spencer the championship.

    Here’s hoping that history does not repeat itself too closely.

  • Like why? There is no other comment anyone could possibly make. Pedrosa is a heartless, incompetant, self-serving weiner. He makes Michael Schumacher look like a saint. The only possible further comment any observer could make would be that he did it on purpose to prevent Hayden from becoming Honda’s undisputed number one guy which is really what Nicky deserves considering the dues that he paid as Valentino’s loyal teammate. Vale was the smart one to jump ship before Nicky developed enough to defeat the Doctor head to head.

    If Pedrosa makes even a half hearted attempt to “make it up to Nicky” I will eat my words but that’s just not going to happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dani has a “technical problem” or fakes an injury before the race even starts in Valencia. Nicky can only try his best to win the race and hope Kenny Jr. or Melandri can beat the Doc to the flag.

    C’mon. Let’s put the blame where it should be put – squarely on the slimy shoulders of Dani Pedrosa. Nuff said!

  • I read your review of the “incident” and I don’t agree. Nicky slammed Pedrosa just before that and its considered good racing. Pedrosa tried something and it failed. I have SPEED and I taped the race. There is not enough footage of Pedrosa prior to hitting Nicky to make a guess at what really happened. To me it was just another race accident. Pedrosa has a long reputation as a clean racer, I doubt he had anything in mind other than the fact that he was just as quick as Nicky at that moment in the race. When two racers are nearly equal, a lot of contact can occur, good or bad. I am not a Pedrosa fan, I like Rossi, but even Rossi has made bad moves, that’s life in the fast lane.

    BTW, I read you site every day, it is very good and usually has a lot of info of interest to racers. Keep up the good work.

  • After watching the Portugal race my wife brought me our phone stating “it’s your brother – he wants to know if you’ve calmed down enough to talk yet”. Well I hadn’t – I was still screaming at the TV.
    If Pedrosa was truly faster than Nicky then maybe he could have got ahead enough to hassle Rossi – but if he was much faster he could have made a real pass instead of just stuffin it inside.

    Better yet he could have just tried to keep people off of Nicky’s rear.

    He should be locked in a room and forced to watch endless video of Colin doing yeoman’s duty in Rossi’s service.

    How can anyone include him on their team?? After an entire year of sweat and work and good luck and bad to have it all erased – he’s like mole planted in your own camp just waiting for the one moment when he can demolish all that you’ve accomplished.

    I can see someone hiring him because he is young and fast – but who be his teammate knowing that just when you are in postion to win the whole enchilada he can snatch it out of your mouth before you get a taste?

    Made me sick. He had no chance of making that pass work – looked like a kamikaze attack. New name for him the ‘Kamikaze Kid’

  • Just have to throw my comments at ya………. I, like you – and many millions around the world – watched with absolute disbelief of what I had just witnessed on the television…………. I jumped to my feet and screamed – “BULLS**T – OH! MY GOD, THAT IDIOT MOTORMOUTH PEDROSA HAS JUST LOST NICKY HIS WORLD TITLE AND MORE TO THE POINT HE HAD JUST LOST HONDA THEIR WORLD TITLE, SOMETHING THEY WANTED SO DESPERATELY WANTED TO WIN BACK FROM YAMAHA….”

    I couldn’t believe it – surely it was in practice – NOT the race !!! Fer F**k sake !!! The look of total devastation on Nicky’s face said it all, I even shed a few tears for him – as he must have himself……. I AM TOTALLY GOBSMACKED!!! I still don’t know what to say -except I will never forget or forgive that smartarse young Pedrosa prick for taking Nicky out of the race………. F**king MORON!!!!!

    Anyway – I am so totally dissapointed for Nicky, as I believe he is a very good rider and he was ROBBED of his World Championship Title……….

    Still, 2007 should be a very interesting year – for ALL involved with the MotoGP. It is good to see Casey Stoner get a factory ride with Ducati……. and me being an Aussie will be barracking for him to win……… Or Loris for that matter – I just want to see the title ripped out of the hands of the Japanese maunfacturers – NOW that would be Something ………… C’mon Ducati………

    Rossi’s days are numbered as to his grip on the GP with so many good riders out there challenging each other for the win…..

    I love your site – I have been a regualr reader / watcher of this site for years – it is the BEST if you want to be kept up to date with what’s going on in the motorcycle world………. I am an old biker – 53 years of age – ex motorcycle mechanic, with a busted back and right shoulder, I may be bent and broken but I STILL LOVE MOTORCYCLES……… they are without doubt the most exhilarating machines ever invented by man…… WOW!!!! they are incredible………. nothing else compares to what you can get from riding a motorcycle fast, slow, solo, two up, loaded touring, dirt bike, cruisers – I love them all – but the bike that has impressed me the most in the 37 years I have been a fan is the KAWASAKI Vulcan 2000 – What a Machine…… HUGE, with an engine to match……. great bike to be customised…. and maybe used to haul a sidecar…….. Ain’t nothing that can match it for sheer grunt, with that V-Twin appeal….. (and that is coming from someone who has Harley Davidson Tattooed on my right arm)……. I just LOVE BIG BIKES………..

    Anyway Cheers from Australia – If you ever see Nicky tell him from me – HE WAS ROBBED – and he should Punch Pedrosa out, I know I bloody well would, little a$$hole………………