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British Consider Limiting Top Speed of Motorcycles

A story published by the Reuters news agency in London yesterday indicates that a committee of Members of Parliament (MPs) is considering electronic devices to limit motorcycle maximum speeds in an effort to reduce accidents and deaths. Here is a link to the Reuters article.

This is nothing new, of course, but will artificially limited top speeds actually save lives? According to the article an “expert” giving evidence to the committee of MPs suggested a top speed of 65 mph for motorcycles might be appropriate. This seems absurd, and perhaps more likely to cause accidents than prevent them.

We would like readers to email us with their thoughts on this type of government intervention. Specifically, do any of our readers know of a study conducted on the effect of speed limiters, or even on the effect of low maximum speeds on accidents and death rates? Are there any studies regarding the impact of the German Autobahn (without speed limits) on accident and death rates? Drop us an email if you know something.