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Unfortunately, Mr. Spies is Also Fast on a Wet Track

The fact that the second race at Road America this past weekend was held on a wet track must have given some hope to the challengers to Suzuki’s dominance this season. After all, rain is sometimes referred to as the “great equalizer” in racing, both off-road and on. Unfortunately, those hopes were misplaced. Defending champ Ben Spies rode his Suzuki to the top of the podium (while injured, no less), and teammate Mladin wound up third. If Suzuki’s competitors were not demoralized already, they certainly are now.

What is also interesting is that you do not find this type of Suzuki superbike dominance anywhere else in the world outside the AMA competition. The AMA Suzuki bikes are good, but Messrs. Spies and Mladin are certainly a big factor here. As we commented in connection with Chris Vermeulen’s recent MotoGP victory on a wet track, rider skill tends to become the most important factor in foul weather.