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An Unusual Role for Honda

Do you recall all the predictions that Honda would dominate the first year of 800cc MotoGP racing? You know, all that stuff about the 800 being four-fifths of the old Honda MotoGP V-5. We predicted the same thing, i.e., that Honda would be fast from the start, and everyone else would be playing catch-up.

Of course, Honda is the one that has been behind all year. Honda admits it underestimated the level of engine development in the class, and Honda has had more than its share of chassis problems, as well. On top of everything else, the Honda factory squad stuck with Michelin tires, while Bridgestone has outperformed the French brand at many tracks this year.

Pedrosa qualified well for tomorrow’s German GP, and Honda may be close to its first win for 2007 (imagine saying that this late in the year). Nevertheless, it is hard to imagine Honda gaining the performance advantage it has so frequently had in the premier class any time soon.