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New Guzzi Eight Valve Engine Debuts in Griso

If you like Moto Guzzi motorcycles, it likely has less to do with peak horsepower than the character of the legend. Air cooled v-twins, with two valve heads, are the norm at Guzzi, but a new eight valve engine (four valves per cylinder) debuts in the Griso 8V now appearing in Europe.

Although still a 90 degree v-twin and still air cooled, a single overhead cam in each cylinder operates two intake and two exhaust valves. The crankshaft is a claimed 55 percent stiffer than the one found in the two valve engine and, overall, the “Quattrovalvole” includes 563 new components when compared to the older engine design.

The new engine is claimed to be quieter and more refined, as well. With 50mm throttle bodies, state-of-the-art fuel injectors and a six-speed gear box, this is not your grandfather’s Moto Guzzi. With just less than 1200cc, and roughly 109 horsepower (and 80 pound feet of torque), the new 8v engine will not set the world on fire, but it will make for one fast Moto Guzzi. Expect this engine to migrate to other Guzzi models in the future.