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Alessi Brothers Moving On From KTM

With their factory KTM support ended, Mike and Jeff Alessi have moved to Japanese motocross bikes. You may have already heard that Mike Alessi has signed to race for factory Suzuki next year, but his brother Jeff has now also stepped onto a Japanese machine, a Honda 450.

The Alessi/KTM alliance nearly produced a Lites Motocross championship a couple of years ago for Mike Alessi and Mike also took second in the AMA Motocross championship this year. Neither brother had much success at supercross on KTMs, however.

KTM has stuck with a linkless rear suspension design that many feel hampers it on a supercross track. Both Alessi boys claim to be quicker on a supercross track with their Japanese machines, which feature rear suspension operated by a more traditional linkage system.

Although Mike Alessi’s deal with Suzuki is sewn up, his younger brother Jeff is still looking for a team for 2008.