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NCR Leggera – The Ultimate Hypermotard

Do you have $66,500 burning a hole in your pocket? If so, and you want the ultimate Hypermotard, NCR just announced the perfect motorcycle for you. Read on:


The quest at NCR is to always strive for the ultimate performance and ultimate lightness or “Leggera”. Today, NCR introduces its first street motorcycle using its racing expertise and ultimate technology, the NCR LEGGERA.

The LEGGERA, NCR’s first street motorcycle, is a culmination of years of experience in racing and development using the very best in ultralight components and exotic materials to achieve an ultralight design.

The LEGGERA is based on Ducati’s new Hypermotard and then modified extensively. NCR takes an already exhilarating motorcycle and then updates every aspect of the bike to include the very best in technology available today. In fact, in street trim, the NCR LEGGERA weighs only 157 kg (346
lbs). This makes the NCR LEGGERA the ultimate bike for back road carving or slicing through city traffic.

Here are some of the highlights of the hand made beauty, the NCR LEGGERA:

  • Titanium frames, both the frame and sub-frame are constructed in Grade 9 Titanium. The frame weighs an extremely light 4.8 kg (10.6 lbs) and the sub-frame weighs only 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)
  • The Ducati 1100 engine breathes with a NCR designed carbon fiber exhaust manufactured by Zard. Even in stock trim, the 90 Hp comes alive when it only has 157 kg (346 lbs) to move around.
  • Close collaboration with Ohlins has enabled the NCR LEGGERA to use the latest competition forks, steering damper and monoshock. The suspension supports a wide range of adjustments to ensure the proper set-up to suit your environment and taste. The upper and lower triple clamps are carved out of billet avionic aluminum and are adjustable for offset. The fork bottoms are also carved out of billet to support the radial brakes.
  • Brembo Racing radial brakes running on the latest wave 300mm rotors by Braking.
  • The carbon fiber wheels are manufactured to NCR specifications by BST. Adjustable NCR rear sets in Al 7075 and titanium, passenger peg support in titanium, custom gas cap by NCR in Al7075, billet NCR CORSE fork bottoms and fully adjustable triple clamps in avionic aluminum. Adjustable ride height adjuster and rear single sided flange in aluminum.

More power and even less weight?
Well, how about even more power and even less weight??

For customers that want even more performance, NCR Corse offers two racing

  • NCR Corse kit to transform the Ducati 1100 engine to 1160cc (for racing use only): 125 Hp
  • or a NCR complete racing engine NCR Corse 1200 with a billet crank, titanium rods and valves and many many other items to increase power by 42 Hp and reduce weight a further 11,5 kg (25 lbs)!!

Now imagine more NCR magic with the new NCR Corse 1200cc race engine with 132 hp and further driving down the weight to 137 kg (301 lbs) thanks to the NCR CORSE racing exhaust system in titanium and the NCR CORSE carbon fiber slipper clutch produced by AP Racing.

This attention to detail results in a street legal motorcycle that is hyperLIGHT, hyperFUN and hyperCOMPETITIVE.

How is that for Hyper-exclusivity, Hyper-passion and Hyper-Uniqueness… the NCR LEGGERA? The NCR LEGGERA with the NCR CORSE engine kits and with the NCR CORSE pipes in titanium is for racing use only.

Regardless of the appetite and goals, the NCR Store has all the parts you need to customize your own Ducati. Visit or

NCR Leggera Street with Race only NCR Corse kit

Technical Specifications

Starting from: $66,500 US – 33.600€Euro (VAT and shipping excluded)

WEIGHT: 308 Lbs (140 kg)

FRAME: Trellis frame made entirely of Grade 9 Titanium. Weight: 4,8 Kg (10.6 lbs)

MOTOR: NCR-Ducati CORSE 1200, 132 Hp (42 hp more than stock), torque 95 lbs-ft of torque at the crankshaft.

CLUTCH: Slipper clutch designed by NCR

EXHAUST: Complete competition exhaust in titanium and carbon fiber design by NCR and built by Zard (weight:10 lbs – 4.5 Kg)

For more info, please visit