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2008 Bimota DB6R Delirio: MD First Ride

Bimota launched the first DB6 Delirio in 2006. Since then Bimota has started to use the latest Ducati DS1100 air-cooled L-twin rather than the old 1000. The Delirio is now powered by exactly the same powertrain as the 90 horsepower Ducati Hypermotard. This package from Bimota just can’t go wrong . . . it’s bulletproof!

Even Rimini on the glorious Italian Adriatic coast has its grey days. Unfortunately, I happened to arrive on one of those. It did very little to dampen the fun riding the DB6R, though. I rode it from the factory in Rimini into the world’s oldest republic, San Marino, and back again.

The first thing that strikes you when riding the Bimota DB6R is its extremely responsive chassis. It seems perfectly suited to the air-cooled L-twin from Ducati. It’s so tight and everything goes as you intend as long as the Conti Race Attack tires are warm enough. Bimota have a true naked racer in the Delirio, and the R version I am testing today has all the extras of a wet dream fitted.

The new Marvic forged alloy wheels save a whopping 5.5 kilos (12 lbs.) alone. The front mudguard and side panels are all carbon fibre as well, as are most other fairing details. All this brings the dry weight down from 177 kilos to 170 kilos (374 lbs.). The tubular trellis chassis was designed by Bimota and Sergio Robbiano for the first Delirio. It is based on the DB5 chassis, but with new details such as tubular trellis pillion peg mounts! Only Bimota would go to such detail. Each bike is built by hand.

The brakes are also of the highest specification from Brembo, and feature a new 18mm radial pump. The wavy discs are gone on the Delirio R, as they are not optimal under racing conditions. The front suspension is a USD Marzocchi 50mm fully-adjustable, Tin-treated fork. At the back, you find the usual Extreme Tech fully-adjustable monoshock (including high-low speed compression).

That tiny little rear mudguard of carbon fibre is one of the beautiful details you’ll find on both DB6’s. In front of the steering head, made of machined aluminum, there’s an adjustable Extreme Tech steering damper.

It makes a right racket on idle too, due to the new dry racing slipper-clutch fitted only to the DB6R. This dry clutch is just as aggressive as the bike itself. If you have never tried one, you might be intimidated as it really grabs instantly. Like so much else on this naked, it is extremely precise. The seat is new — Bimota took notice after angry girlfriends called complaining that even Viagra couldn’t help their men after landing a wheelie on the Delirio. And wheelie this bike can do from idle and up! Be careful with that dry clutch in first gear! On any road lesser than an A road (i.e., a straight highway), the DB6R will be faster than just about anything.

As I make my way up a hilly section in San Marino that reminds me of Monaco without the sea, I take care not to disturb anyone too much as the Police can be very protective in small states. At the same time, it is difficult to get sufficient heat into the Conti Race Attack tires and the front slips away a couple of times as I try to ride quickly.

Back on the Italian side, the roads are faster and perfect for the DB6R. Peak torque is available at less than 5,000rpm and I click up through the six-speed gear box as fast as I can, emptying 90 Desmo stallions on the tarmac in each gear. This is concentrated fun at mostly legal velocity! Better than a supermoto and cooler than a supersport.

The new Bimota DB6R Delirio 1100 is a fantastic machine to ride for someone that knows his motorcycles. Fresh riders might be a little bit intimidated by the precision required from the dry slipper-clutch and by how easy the front wheel rises to the sky. The front Brembo brakes are also very sharp if you’re not used to such tools. To me, the Delirio is a true rider’s motorcycle and a special tool for special people. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it as a product, and if you ride it you’ll want to buy it. It’s certainly on my list of “things” to acquire after winning the lottery.

For details and specifications, visit Bimota’s web site here.

Fantastic precision
Perfect power in a perfect chassis
Very exclusive

Hand built can’t be for everyone so this article is most likely less than a flirt for most.