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BMW Introduces New K 1300 S

Spurred on no doubt by the ever rising displacement of competitors’ machines, BMW introduced a trio of K 1300 models in Europe this morning. Check back for stories on the other two (the GT and the R), but here are the details on the new K 1300 S from BMW:

The BMW Motorrad 4-cylinder combines superior power with sporty understatement. And a striking set of technical data, too. What the new inline 4-cylinder in the BMW K 1300 S, R and GT models has to offer is truly impressive. Punctually for the 25th anniversary of the K Series, BMW Motorrad is presenting three new peak performers in the “Champions’ League”.

Power has a new face: BMW K 1300 S.

The new jet of the range boasts top specifications inside and out. As impressive as its top speed may be, it already delivers its power a lot earlier, from standstill so to speak. In the lower and middle rev range, where more than 80% of road riding takes place, this engine really packs a punch. And you’ll feel it straight away: 140 Nm from 1,293 cc. The 175 bhp delivered at 9.250 rpm are of course also very welcomed by all speed freaks.

Compared to the performance category the 4-cylinder is very restrained when it comes to fuel consumption and emissions. New digital engine electronics settings as well as a newly designed exhaust system with hexagonally shaped silencer and electronically controlled flap control including 3-way catalytic converter are the reasons. Once again BMW Motorrad shows how modern engines should be built. The fact that they also produce a throaty sound is a great sign for the combination of common sense and emotion.

It appears BMW joins the rest of the universe
with its new turn signal switch

You’ll find a lot of that in the design of the K 1300 S, too. Compared to her predecessor she has become slimmer, the aerodynamic, 18 mm narrower fairing top section just being one of a whole series of visual alterations which make it a completely unmistakeable and absolutely dynamic motorcycle.

The driveline offers maximum traction in line with the motorbike’s sporty dynamics. The maintenance-free shaft drive, which is still unique in this class, with new two-level cardan shaft operates on the other side of the gearbox which has also been adapted to the engine’s power and shifts extremely smoothly. The rear wheel features the new dimensions 190/55. For especially sporty shifters there is a very special optional extra – an automatic shifter. You no longer need to use the clutch when shifting up – just slam in the gears!

The Duolever front wheel guidance – introduced in the BMW K 1200 S – with its newly designed lower longitudinal strut, safeguards even higher riding precision and maximum riding stability. The firm spring/damper settings give the rider perfect road feedback. Optimum chassis geometry, central mass distribution and a constructionally designed low centre of gravity result in an absolutely harmonious overall package which offers handling and balance which are simply thrilling in this class. Performance has been increased even further. For the K 1300 S the ESA II option is available, the electronically adjustable 2nd generation suspension. The spring base, spring rate and damping are synchronised – automatically. This innovation means you can set your suspension with the press of a button, no matter how heavily laden you are. ABS is standard on this model, the ASC Automatic Stability Control is available as an option.

It’s no news that a BMW offers the best seating position around but nevertheless it is still something special. Only if you have a well-balanced seating position can you ride both comfortably and actively. Or in other words just fast.

The controls are also a major factor when it comes to ergonomics. In the new K models the new generation of switches for all coming BMW motorcycles has been introduced for the first time. Ergonomics have been optimised, space requirements have been reduced and MID technology* has been introduced. In short – the controls simply feel and look better.

And should you feel like clocking up some laps on the racetrack and want your information presented in motorsports style, you can order the optional 2D-dashboard presented for the first time in the BMW HP2 Sport. Digital racing thrills!

*Moulded Interconnect Design, printed circuits in the switch unit instead of individual wiring.