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Run What Ya Brung

With all the controversy brought on by the sale of AMA Pro Racing to DMG (see our article here), it is still up in the air whether any race series (whether organized by DMC or the MIC) will occur next year that involves participation by all of the major factories. This is still the goal, but in our opinion it will not happen unless the major classes consist of superbike and supersport conforming to the technical regulations already in existence for 2008 AMA racing or World championship racing.

If the rules do not essentially allow the manufacturers to “run what ya brung in 2008”, we do not see how the logistics involved can be overcome at this late date. Riders, mechanics and other race team support personnel need to be brought under contract, and then the bikes need to be prepped for racing. In general, these manufacturers will not race a bike that is “slapped together” without careful planning and testing. If we are right, this whole mess will have come full circle.