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Kymco Shows New U.S. Market Sportbike and Scooter at Long Beach International Motorcycle Show

Kymco Motors, known for their comprehensive lineup of scooters, introduced their second motorcycle to the USA market at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show on December 5th. The Quannon 150 is an aggressively styled sportbike with a four-valve, 149cc Single producing a claimed 14 hp. It weighs in at a claimed 299 pounds.

I had a chance to briefly ride this bike this spring, and I was impressed, if not blown away. It’s a roomy and comfortable bike that’s very easy to ride, with a low seat (it measures 31.5 inches but feels lower because it’s so narrow) and very light feel. I rode the 125cc version-a popular size for licensing reasons in other markets-and it felt slow, about the same as a 50cc two-stroke sportbike like the Aprilia RS50 or Derbi GPR50. But I could wind it out to about 60 mph (indicated), which means it’s more than adequate for around-town riding. Brakes and suspension were up to the task as well, and if you expect responsive steering from a lightweight bike with a 53.3-inch wheelbase, you won’t be disappointed. With all the basic hardware (disc brakes, 17-inch wheels, four-valve motor and sturdy frame) standard, it could become a big deal in mini roadracing. It’s listed as a 2010 model and there’s still no word on when it will be available, but MSRP is set at $3449. Too bad it didn’t get a liquid-cooled 250 motor (or even a liquid-cooled 175; see below) – then it would give Kawasaki’s best-selling Ninja 250R something to fear.

I also rode the scooter Kymco introduced, the 2010 Yager 200i. It mixes ultra-modern styling with a fuel-injected, liquid-cooled 175cc Single, dual disc brakes and a 3-gallon gas tank. I got to ride it from Kymco USA’s headquarters in Spartanburg, SC to run an errand about 15 miles away, all on a fast-moving interstate. The Yager 800i was more than up to the task; it got up to almost 75 mph indicated, and would actually hit the rev limiter on downhill sections (Kymco told me they would adjust the gearing). Despite the smaller wheels (13-inch in front and a 12-inch in back), it was very stable at high speeds, but steered like a scooter: fast. I was pretty impressed with it, and for $3499, I think it’s a bargain.