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Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews

Motorcycling and Economics – What are You Missing (or what have you gained)?

In response to the high price of gas last summer, we saw a surge in the number of motorcycle riders on the road. We asked our readers to share their thoughts on what sort of bike manufacturers should introduce to the U.S. market as an economical commuter. The responses were compiled into a 5-part series which you can begin reading here.

When the economy started to stall, we asked our readers to offer advice to the industry regarding where they felt manufacturers should take motorcycling in this difficult economic environment. The responses can be found here.

Most would agree that we are in a recession, and it appears that the economy may get worse before it gets better. We’d like to know how these challenging economic times are affecting your motorcycle riding. Are you a track day junkie who can no longer afford a day at the track? Have you had to cut back, or completely cut out your track days? Did your weekends mean trips to the local off-road paradise with your family and friends for a few days of outdoor riding? Or did you spend the weekends at the local motocross track? Were you planning on finally purchasing that new cruiser … or sportbike … or maybe you were ready to drop some cash on a new helmet and leathers … Well, you can see where this is going. Has the economy put the kibosh on your motorcycling habits and spending? Perhaps you are actually saving money because you have stopped driving the gas guzzler, dusted off your 10-year-old Ninja 500 and use it as a daily commuter. Drop us an email, and share with us how your motorcycling has been affected by our current economy.