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Triumph Hurricat Concept

You may have read our friend Sr. Garcia’s first ride report of Triumph’s new Thunderbird 1600 cruiser. He found a powerful, good-handling and functional ride: not surprising, as Triumph hasn’t been building a lot of duds lately.

Still, there are those who want more. Many Europeans – and a (very) few Americans as well – have no use for cruisers, craving something with a more aggressive, urban style. Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi wouldn’t mind seeing a streetfighter based around the new 1597cc, Parallel-Twin, 8-valve motor. Think of his bike as Old Blighty’s answer to the VMAX: hulking muscle and minimal bodywork, topped off with high-spec suspension bits and radial-mount brake calipers.

Meow, baby! You can check out more of Oberdan’s sketches at his portfolio or at his blog.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • To my eyes the Hurricat concept bike is far more attactive than the Thunderbird. Don
  • I suggest they put the 1600cc motor in the MAC Motor frame! That would be cool!!!!!!!! Steve
  • Why bother with a hasty sketch, when someone is actually building a real one? Marc

  • Ugly. Damn ugly. A variation on a boring looking twin. An ugly variation.
    Dont get me wrong, I love modern Trumpies.
    As far as not having built any duds lately…..hmmmmmmm……Rocket
    spring to mind?
    Sold well in Oz initially but lots of second hand ones around for sale
    now and not many to be seen on the street….
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see similar things happen with the T-Bird. Alby

  • Nice try. Love the absence of forward controls.Rear disk looks small. Seat looks small. And I can do without the hemmorrhoid thumping of any single or twin! Harry
  • Sharp looking bike except the mufflers look kind of funky. I’d take a serious look at one if they made it. Mickey
  • Can someone please give him a job so we can stop drooling over his “artist’s concepts” that will never see the light of day? This may be my favorite yet, but I still think I’d be better off if I’d never seen it! Curtis