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If The Money Was Close, Lorenzo’s Choice Was Easy

Jorge Lorenzo’s decision to stay another year with the Yamaha MotoGP team was probably an easy one, in the end. Although it is rumored that Ducati offered Lorenzo more money, if the Yamaha offer was even remotely in the same ballpark, Lorenzo made the right choice to stay on the best MotoGP bike currently available as a teammate to the best, most demanding development rider, Valentino Rossi.

Although other teams were interested, Ducati was apparently the team prepared to offer Lorenzo a king’s ransom for 2010. As Nicky Hayden has once again proven, however, the Ducati is not easy to ride and appears to present challenges not presented by the well-sorted Yamaha.

One more year alongside Valentino Rossi will not hurt, either. Lorenzo will only get faster and more consistent . . . a scary thought for his competitors.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • I completely agree with your assessment of Lornzo’s choice to stay with Yamaha. As a younger rider, he will benefit from a sorted machine and he may not have the developmental skills to make the Ducati work. His career has to take precedent at this point.

    Now, what you didn’t touch on, and what I have been hoping for, is Rossi’s situation. I personally would like to see Rossi take a Ricky Carmichael approach to his remaining years. Ricky changed factories and proved that his skills made the difference between a champion and a runner-up. No one questions Rossi’s talents, nor did anyone question Ricky’s, but I would love to see Rossi win championships on a Ducati. Jeff