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Europe Gets Revised X-Max 250

With American interest in scooters for commuting, and general transportation, on the rise Honda, for example, has seen fit to introduce the Elite 110. Yamaha, as it turns out, has an interesting 250 cc scooter available in Europe that has just been updated for 2010. This machine is currently unavailable in the U.S., but things could change.

The X-Max 250 takes styling cues from its bigger brother, the T-Max 500. Although roughly 100 pounds lighter, the X-Max has large, sporty wheels (15 inch front and 14 inch rear), relatively generous storage capacity under its seat, and ample instrumentation and weather protection.

For 2010, the X-Max 250, which is fuel injected, receives an entirely new frame and styling updates. Ergonomics change slightly with a new floorboard position, which contributes to rider comfort.

A redesigned dash is, according to Yamaha, inspired by the look of luxury sports cars with its red backlighting for its analog and digital instruments.


If you think Yamaha should import the X-Max 250 and sell it in the U.S., or if you do not, send us an email with your thoughts. By the way, we have no idea how this machine would be priced if it were made available in the U.S., but the much more expensive T-Max retails for $8,490 here.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • I say bring it to the US! It needs to get compared to other available scooters where weight, storage, top speed and MPG are all important considerations. The more available models that come to the US the more people sitting on the fence will be enticed to join the world of scooters. I’ve got a BMW R1200GS, but just picked up an old Vespa P200E, as I want to see if the scooter can be a commuter. Dave
  • I love the little Yamaha scooter and they should bring it here. Huge fan of small, reliable scooters backed by trusted companies like this one. Tyler
  • I want a Vespa sized (for parking) scooter with 250 power (for the occassional freeway) from a manufactuer with a decent track record (Chinese bikes are too much of an unknown) and at a reasonable price – say $4-$5k.If the price is right, I’d buy this baby in a heartbeat. But price is the scooter’s achilles heel. Too many are following Vespa’s strategy of ripping off the US customer. Vespa’s over 6k for a 250/300 scooter is totally ridiculous. Plenty of 250 motor cycles under 4k so where’s the magic sauce in a Vespa that adds another $2k????

    Bring it Yamaha says I, I got my checkbook ready. But get the price right. Ron

  • It looks like a great scooter, if it was brought to USA it would
    compete with SYM Citycom 300i. This is a size range that we could use
    more options in. Daniel
  • The 250 is fine for Europe and its intended use. I feel that the equivalent in North America is the 400 (yes we already have the Majesty – how does it compare?). So add the capacity and change as little else as you can and it should work just fine.
    Just how big is the trunk on that thing – always a serious consideration when looking at scooters. Ian
  • I just got back from Europe (France and Italy) and the x Max scooters were everywhere. I think it would be a fabulous if Yamaha would import the 250 and its little brother the 125. I recently sold my Burgman 400 as its was way to sluggish and heavy riding in Montreal’s city traffic. I ended up getting a Vespa 300 which is a little rocket but has zero room for storage and does not come with any wind protection.
  • I’m already a big scooter fan already having owned a Honda Reflex and now a Silver Wing. I like the looks of this one a lot and love that it’s small, light, & fuel injected. I’d definitely be interested in adding it to my scooter collection. KMcG
  • Nice looking scoot. Love the storage and weather protection. But it looks like more than you would need to get around the city, and not enough motor for a daily commuter here on major bay area roads. Highway capably scooters are too expensive compared to some very capable bikes, and too heavy. I think what I’m looking for is a shrunken 420lb. ST with good under seat storage and at least 45 to 50 hp. Bring it in for somewhere between $6-$7k and that would get it done. Frank
  • The X-Max looks like it would be a great scooter for short to medium range commuters with its sporty looks and storage capacity. If Yamaha could bring in the scooter at 3.5k to 4.5k, I think they would have a winner. Price it too high though and the scooter will languish on the showroom floor as the tuning fork machine just doesn’t have the cool factor of something like a Vespa. -Todd
  • Would also like to see TZR50 here in the USA. Robert
  • The addition of the Yamaha Tmax 250 would be most welcome here in New York City. I’ve been a daily rider of scooters for 5 years, I can tell you 250 is the ideal size for me. Currently I ride an 03′ Aprilia Scarabeo 150. Which has good power, with a top speed of 75 mph, but top speed really isn’t what I’m looking for as I rarely go over 55 in the congested city. Plus I ride two up daily as well, and use it as a shopping cart.What’s more important to me about displacement is some low end grunt to shoot me in front or around cars and traffic, and good sized wheels/suspension to take the daily pothole, road construction plate w/ passenger. But the pickings are slim, sure we have the heavy poseur Vespa’s and even current makes by Aprilia, but they lack the under seat storage that I’m looking for as well. This bike however seems to be a bit smaller than my ideal bike if it weren’t for its size and weight the K7 Burgman 400 Suzuki (which you guys did a great job reviewing). FYI If you could attach OEM side cases and a top case to the Tmax, as I have on my 03 Aprilia Scarabeo 150 then this would be absolutely be tops on my list. Right now I am able to stuff three bags of Trader Joes into my scooter. And for the naysayer against scooters out there I say I also ride a 6th Gen VFR.

    Thanks for you continued reviews of scooters! Look forward to more to come daily. Jonathan

  • I would hate for Americans to be deprived of any bike or scooter.
    Yamaha does have a good line up of scooters, and the X-Max would make a great addition.
    It certainly makes more sense than the Morpheus. Sporty looks, practicality, effieciency. I would price it around $5000…without the silly name. Michael
  • This is interesting, I just purchased a 2009 Suzuki Burgman 650 Exe. I think there is a need for more scooters that will do interstate speeds. I looked at the Yamaha T-Max but the Burgman fit my need better.I hope Yamaha expands there line of scooter and motorcycles like they have in Europe, I am not a serious cruiser person even though I owned a Yamaha Warrior before they were called Star. Gregg
  • Wow! Is this the same website that said just a few years ago, “We don’t cover scooters! Our name is MOTORCYCLE Daily!” I guess the occasional old dog can learn a new trick. TCS
  • Tell Yamaha to bring this to the US. David
  • I’m not a big scooter person but that looks like a fun ride.
    We could use more common-sense (250 – 400 cc) rides over here. John
  • I always look at scooters with lots of storage and think “wow that would be nice to have” but then I look at the price and think “I could buy a really nice motorcycle with much more power for that kind of money” Certainly I wouldn’t pay the $8490 for a T-max, so it comes down to price. The X-max looks really nice and would be versatile enough for most commuting needs. With Yamaha selling the FZ6R for $7390 or the FZ6 for $7290 I would expect a 250cc scooter to be a lot less expensive. Brad
  • You should bring the 250 to the U.S. unless you do NOT need the
    money. Also, I would be the first to buy a new black 650 Tenere from
    you. I can’t imagine why you do not import this bike. I have spoken to
    lots of fellow bikers who own 800 GS’s/klr’s/etc and they all make the
    same comment….Yamaha is just plain stupid!! All you want to do is
    sell v-twins and 280 HP sport bikes. There is a very big market for
    dual sport bikes here. Pete
  • I ride scooters and big cycles. I would by a great 250 scooter if it
    were available here. Arnold
  • yes to usa under 5k. Robert
  • I think Yamaha should import the X-Max 250 to the USA. I’d also like to see Honda inport the CT110 here too. The Honda Faze is another neat bike I’d like to see here in the states. Don
  • Something about the Yamaha scooters’ styling is more appealing than the others (excepting the Aprilia Sportcity 250). I’ve sat on and admired the Yamaha T-Max but would probably never buy one given the price point. This Yamaha X-Max would do it for me if the price were around $5,500. I’m looking forward to reading about how it performs. If its lighter weight allows sprightly performance, it may have a chance here in the US and avoid the dreaded “X-Lax” appellation. Don
  • Yamaha’s lineup of bikes in the US is quite poor compared to Europe. They could import the XJR1300 (without the stupid #1 logo), the TDM900 (without the fairing) and the XJ6 to name a few. Then perhaps I would start to look at their lineup. Scooters might be nice for some, but the 250 is probably underpowered for today’s traffic. Rich
  • Well count me in on one if Yamaha decides to import it to the U.S. I have had 2 Yamaha 400 Majesty’s and they were great scooters. I also had a Yamaha Vino 125 and a Honda Silverwing Scooter. I am currently looking at a new Vespa but now I think I will wait and see if Yamaha decides to import this one. It should sell in the $4,000 to $5,000 range. Ferd
  • Import it here? I don’t care. All I can think of when I see one now is
    how much cooler that Australian 4 wheeler thing is! Bud
  • My daughter would love a 250-400 scooter that looks like a GSXR or R1, has a seat height for the vertically challenged. She is 5’ tall with heels and is looking for something easy to manage.. Even the Vespa is too tall for her. I showed her a picture of the Suzuki concept scooter she got her checkbook out only to be bummed that it was a concept.
    I think there is a market for small young women that love to ride but are fearful of the clutch yet don’t dig traditional boring scooters. Tom
  • Yes, please, I would like to see this scooter sold in the US. I have
    seen a number of them in Italy and France, and it is a sharp scooter.
    It seems like it might be the idea city scooter, with enough oomph and
    the big wheels to make highway riding feasible. I like the new look,
    too. Karryll
  • The X-Max would do well here in the US if priced close to $5000. The only real competition is the Aprilia Sportcity Cube. Steve