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Multistrada Replacement to be Named…Multistrada

Ducati Motor Holdings launched a new web site containing just a few tantalizing details of its new Multistrada replacement. The new bike, hardly a secret, will itself be launched at the Milan EICMA show on November 10, 2009.

The site contains a Flash animation with poorly-lit, brief glimpses of the front of the new bike, but we can parse a few details from these screen shots as well as spy photos posted elsewhere of what is clearly a late-development bike. The motor will be the liquid-cooled 1198 Testastreta motor, probably tuned for more bottom and midrange power at the cost of a few ponies from the top end. We can also see a high, narrow windscreen and fairing styling similar to the 1198’s. The bike looks very narrow. The spy photos show Ohlins suspension (hinting at an S model), radial-mount monobloc Brembo brakes, single-sided swingarm, a centerstand (yes!), underslung exhaust and a hybrid steel trellis and cast-aluminum frame.

The current Multistrada 1100 is a terrific bike; comfortable and fun to ride. Adding another 50 horsepower can only make it better. We’ll get all the details from the Milan show in a couple of weeks.