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2010 MV Agusta F4 Unveiled

Widely considered the most beautiful motorcycle on the planet, the MV Agusta
F4 would be hard to improve upon from a design perspective. MV took the chance and redesigned the aesthetics, as well as the performance of the 2010 MV Agusta F4 unveiled this evening in Milan.

Virtually everything is new on this bike. Revised styling, engine and chassis result in what MV predictably describes as “perfection”. Here is a summary of the new model from MV, together with a link to their web site if you desire additional photos and specifications.

(WILLOW GROVE, PA)Throughout its reign as the world’s most coveted superbike, the MV Agusta F4 has drawn innumerable accolades for being one of the most beautiful, well-designed, highest performing motorcycles ever conceived. And now for 2010, MV Agusta proudly introduces the all-new F4, echoing the same fantastic, aggressive design ethos with a detailed reengineering down to the smallest detail, resulting in a new F4 that does the impossible by improving upon perfection.

Already world-famous for a beauty surpassing all other superbikes, MV Agusta has provided a fresh look to the iconic sensual lines of the new 2010 F4 while still preserving its design spirit. Set to debut the all new F4 in Milan this evening, MV Agusta has also taken special care to deliver a lighter, faster, stronger motorcycle that pushes the limits of performance either out on the street or track.

Magnificent in design, the 186 horsepower MV Agusta F4 also excels technically. The F4 now boasts a newly engineered in line 998cc 4-cylinder engine complete with twin shower fuel injectors assisting each cylinder. Other standard features include a new electronic injection system featuring 49 mm throttle bodies with a patented Torque Shift System (TSS), allowing variable lift intake.

Ergonomics for the new MV Agusta F4 have also been redesigned, enabling riders to achieve performance limits more safely while harnessing the brand new, more powerful F4. To improve handling, the new MV Agusta F4 features a lightened framework and chassis with revised geometry that significantly improves riding comfort. The 2010 F4 is 22 lbs. lighter than its predecessor, weighing in at a lithe 423.5 lbs. total weight.

A new Magneti Marelli 7 SM ECU and 4-1 valve exhaust system is also present with a new single sided swingarm for the new MV Agusta F4 model. Other brand new standard features present include a Traction Control MK II system with eight varying levels of adjustability along with a twin-map ECU.

“With the introduction of the new 2010 F4, MV Agusta has improved one of the most sought after motorcycles in the world on every level from an engineering, design, and performance aspect. And now, with the new 2010 F4 unveiled alongside our new Brutale 990R and 1090RR models, we feel our company is in a position to show the industry why MV Agusta is known for creating incomparable works of motorcycle art,” says Larry Ferracci, Director of U.S. Operations for MV Agusta USA.

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