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CR&S DUU: Two-Liter Monster From Milan

You like a big, throbbing Twin clenched tightly between your thighs, don’t you? Don’t worry, I’m talking about motorcycles, so you can agree. But if your regular riding regimine includes more than a few turns, you may not like the sort of feet-forward, floorboard-dragging, poor handling contraptions many custom builders churn out.

If you’re yelling, “Yes, by God, yes!” this concept bike from Milanese builder CR&S may interest you. It’s called the “Duu,” (which is Milanese slang for two) referring to its two-liter, V-Twin S&S X-Wedge motor and dual-seat chassis. That Wisconsin-made 1916cc X-Wedge is becoming the custom builder’s choice worldwide: it’s smooth, powerful (reportedly around 135 hp) and fuel-injected so it can meet noise and emissions standards.


That motor — which is surprisingly light at 163 pounds-should work well in the minimalist, sport-oriented Duu chasis. The bike is bristling with typically Italian eye-candy: single-sided swingarm, gorgeous wheels, inverted fork, four-piston, inverted Brembo racing calipers and a polished dragster-style fuel filler atop the huge frame backbone (that apparently doubles as a fuel tank). It’s also intended as a “modular” design, so customers can order it with a dual seat, solo seat or other options to perfectly fit their needs: something you’d expect at the basic 20,000 Euro pricetag. CR&S expects to start delivering units in 2011.

There isn’t a lot more info than that in the press release, but maybe we can get a ride on this thing and give you a full review.