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2010 Triumph Thruxton Special Edition: Just Because

We don’t usually give press to unchanged models that feature new graphics or paint jobs, but this new Special Edition Thruxton from Triumph really caught our eye, and we thought our retro fans might welcome a look.

Announced yesterday, the Thruxton Special Edition features essentially the same chassis and motor (865cc parallel-twin) as several other retro bikes in Triumph’s lineup, but this special cafe racer, with its red frame, Crystal White bodywork (and red racing stripe), together with the color-matched fly screen and blacked-out engine really looks stunning, in our opinion. Production begins in early 2010 with pricing at “a small premuim over the standard Thruxton.”

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MD Readers Respond:

  • I’ll take the New Norton “classic” that you showed on 12/01/2009 any day over the Triumph Thruxton. The Thruxtron is cheaper and probably more reliable, but if you’re going for the “vintage deal”, why not go for the real thing?   Rob
  • Beautiful paint scheme. Is the flat rear tire a feature?   Louis
  • Maybe you did this to compensate for posting the Louisianan homage to Terminator: Salvation earlier this week. This one looks cool and has a seat.   Justin
  • I like the retro looks of the Thruxton but I thought the bars were
    too low. This looks like a more comfortable riding position for all
    day. What’s your opinion on that?   Bob

  • ewwwwww…..guess you impress easier than I do mate . . . Alby
  • It looks truly gorgeous; thanks for letting us know about it. An amazing cosmetic uprade changing only the colors and adding a flyscreen.
    ‘Twould be nicer still w/ higher spec fully adjustable suspension, USD fork and radial dual front brakes. Even better if it was lightened a bit and w/ motor upgrades.
    I’d still probably prefer Honda’s CB1100F for overall performance/versatility.   Jimbo

  • Nice looking bike with a couple character flaws. The fuel tanks look cheap with the flange on the bottom. Motor looks nice but is weak. Both items could be
    corrected easily but Triumph chooses not to. Shame.   Mike