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Yamaha’s Xmas Present: King Kenny on the TZ Flat-Tracker Video

Do you remember Kenny Roberts’ stunning victory on the fearsome TZ750 flat-track bike at the San Jose Mile in 1975? Or maybe you heard about his spirited parade laps on the bike at this year’s Indy Mile (with Valentino Rossi watching). Or maybe you don’t know anything about it. Well, regardless, Yamaha Motors USA has prepared this YouTube video for you to enjoy the spectacle, and it’s a fun and entertaining way to spend a few minutes. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays from all of us at MD.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • Great video, and nice as it was to see KR on that AMAZING bike, it was also really nice to see Kel Carruthers, who was a freind of my late fathers (same school) and used to race around the streets of Sydney in a gang on Nortons and Triumphs. Kel knew he was going places from a very young age, and he did. Then he showed others how to do it.   Scotty
  • Thank you Thank you Thank you. This must have been an awesome evening of motorcycle sensory overload. Thanks Mr Roberts. Merry Christmas Motorcycle Daily

  • What a cool glimpse at greatness. The current stars of our sport reduced to mere mortals like the rest of us, eagerly waiting and then watching the King.

    As I quickly approach 50 (@47yo) , I can only appreciate the risk of injury weighing heavy on Kenny‚Äôs mind. Being off the bike and having to ride the banned beast in front of peers and fans as his refresher… Then to pull it off with style and speed!!! That is MAD CRAZY SKILLS.

    Truly an awesome display of bravery. To do anything you did as a 20 year old at 50 is every 50 year olds hidden desire. To be able to actually pull it off is the territory that few ever see.   Tom

  • MD – That the best video I’ve seen all year. Many thanks for sharing it.   jimbo