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TASTY GUZZI: Ghezzi-Brian Sport Monza Special

Moto Guzzis have always been known as one of the more traditional, stodgy Italian brands, but it doesn’t have to be that way. For a surprisingly small amount of dough, customizer Ghezzi-Brian makes some sweet-looking kit for new and old Guzzis. This gem is the Sport Monza, which transforms the basic V11 model into a “true superbike,” according to Ghezzi-Brian’s Bruno (call him Brian) Saturno.

The kit is actually a series of mechanical options and the gorgeous bodywork. The bodywork (or as Saturno refers to it, the “Aesthetic”) kit includes front and rear subframes, the seat, an aluminum tank (with fuel pump), lights and belly pan. Mechanical options include new suspension (you can specify an inverted 41mm Paioli fork, or an inverted Mupo unit in either 43 or 46mm flavors), radial-mount Brembo calipers (of course!), forged wheels (and would signore like aluminum or magnesium?) and the motor upgrades, including exhaust, to reach 108 hp. Other options include an adjustable plate for the steering head and an aluminum swingarm. The bodywork kit is 5240 Euros, about $7700 in real money. For all that other stuff…well, even without a weak dollar it wouldn’t be cheap.

If you dig Guzzis, like I do, you are drooling on your keyboard. If you don’t like these storied Italian stallions, you don’t know what you are missing. Or maybe you do and you’re not missing it much at all. Find out more at the Ghezzi-Brian website.