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An Italian Take on Confederate Style

It is probably safe to say that Europeans typically have a different perspective than Americans when it comes to v-twin customs. Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi, nevertheless, is fascinated by the designs of Confederate Motorcycles, the U.S.-based manufacturer of low volume, high priced v-twin customs.

This is Bezzi’s own take on a Confederate machine with European influence. He calls it “Breath of Satan”.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • Having just gotten rid of one XB9R and a XB12R, I have to ask – what’s
    the use? I just went Triumph Speed Triple and I ain’t goin back to any
    kind of HD motor in no way, shape, or form. Long live the Queen! -Trpldog

  • “Breath of Satan needed one more “6”! Rick
  • Show me a Hells Angel that would ride to Hell on this. Harry
  • This rendering truly shows the artistry of Obiboi it almost borders on alchemy.
    To be able to transform one of Confederates POS designs into a thing of beauty
    is truly amazing. But seriously Mr Bezzi’s illustration depicts what a
    Confederate product would look like if an actual designer was involved in the development
    process. Cheers, Kevin

  • this is a drawing or an actual mock up? rear drive sprocket/chain look odd – Mac
  • A bikini-screen, subframe/faux tank, numberplate and some KTM Orange a ‘Satan’ bike does not make. Weak. Brett