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Triumph Introduces “More Practical” Sprint GT

Moving towards the “touring” end of the Sport Touring spectrum, Triumph has introduced the Sprint GT. Details can be found here on Triumph’s web site.

The Sprint GT utilizes the frame of the existing Sprint ST, but just about every other significant aspect of the machine is new. More upright and comfortable, the Sprint GT appears to offer better wind protection, much better headlights, standard 31 litre panniers and ABS brakes. An optional top box can hold two full-size helmets and includes a 12 volt power supply to charge your mobile electronics while riding.

Gone is the under-seat exhaust system in favor of a lower slung, higher flowing unit that contributes to an increase in power from the 1050cc triple. Both horsepower and torque go up by 5 units, with horsepower now at 130 and torque at 80 pound feet. Notably, despite the peak power increases, torque gets delivered much lower in the rev range with the peak now coming at 6300 rpm.

Brakes and suspension get tweaked, as well, with the rear shock now offering a remote pre-load adjustor that does not require tools. Triumph is boasting about the price of the new Sprint GT, which will be quite a bit less expensive than some of its main competition in Europe. Triumph advises that the Sprint GT will be available in U.S. dealerships this Fall as an early release 2011 model priced at $13,199.


  1. Briumph says:

    As a 2008 Sprint ST owner, I am disappointed in the new GT. I am/was there target of the ST-former 600cc rice rocket rider who wanted more comfort and distance without losing sportbike handling, attitude and the ability to wheelie. Bigger panniers are great but the “cool bike” factor is not their in the ST. Stop following the trends for big, heavy like everyone and stick with your niche. This philosophy has worked and will drive more people to you than another “me too” bike. Briumph out.

  2. Tim says:

    I have a 01 Sprint St, and 96 BMW K1100RS. Love them both, but the BMW cost me a fortune to maintain. Average a grand a year on it w/out tires. The Sprint I have had for 6yrs now and have spent a total of 480 on it!! 36K and no valves have yet needed adjusted! Yes, the shock went to crap at 7500 miles and seat about the same. I have a Corbin due at my door tomorrow, but spending a grand on a shock isn’t in the cards just yet. I’ve already done the shock and seat on the BMW years ago. I love the lightness of the Triumph!

  3. Paul says:

    Because its competitors’ ST’s are more ergonomically friendly, I think Triumph made a good move with the GT. The current model’s riding position may be a little too aggressive, and could have pushed people towards the Connie, FJR and ST1300. But those full size Japanese ST’s are a bit heavy for some riders’ tastes. The Brits may have hit the proverbial nail on the head with the GT.