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2011 Husqvarna TE310: Superlight Middleweight


Having been fascinated by the success of KTM’s 350cc motocross machine both here (under Mike Alessi) and in Europe (ridden by Antonio Cairoli), we took note of what Husqvarna has done to their own oddly displaced TE310. Essentially, it is an entirely new bike for the 2011 model year.

The TE310 now features a bored and stroked version of the super compact, super light 250cc Husqvarna engine, which Husky claims puts out “significantly higher torque and power” than last year’s TE310. As featured in the new TE310, it displaces 302.44cc, but is lighter than any other 250cc four-stroke engine available at only 48lbs. Husqvarna claims the TE310 is 13lbs lighter than its predecessor, and receives a new, larger 45mm throttle body for its fuel injection system.

Could the TE310 be the perfect amatuer, off-road play bike? We will try to get our hands on one to find out.


  1. star boy says:


    Just like TV stations, you don’t have to vist this site.

  2. GP says:

    I really like this new 310. I also love the fact that KTM has brought back the 6 speed tansmission on its 250 and 300 two strokes. It is refreshing to find a manufacturer that listens to its customer base. The E-start (on the two strokes) I could do without, but folks must have been asking for it.
    So, I am going to go one further and begin asking for the manufacturers to bring back the 7 speed transmission (Hercules). Here in New England, tall road gears (while maintaining a good useable set of trail gears) makes life much more pleasant for those of us who never fell for the whole “Four Stroke Revolution”.

  3. jimbo says:

    I think I (and most riders) might prefer a 350 over a 300 traily?

  4. euro dirt says:

    310 have been on the market for two years now and this is just II gen and whole new level again. Husky was one of the first who released open MX2 bike. Way to go and let’s hope Juha Salminen WEC E2 BMW/Husky wonder bike will be in production for 2011 already.

  5. Manic says:

    Looks nice! Husky appears to be on the move and now I have yet another bike to consider, Damn!

  6. Jerry says:

    Nice to see Husky producing some different models. I always wanted one of the old red/chrome tank 70s air-cooled 2-strokes when I was a LOT younger. I later owned one of the white water-cooled Swedish bikes from the 80’s, which was a disappointment. They appeared to improve when the brand moved to Italy. Now that BMW owns them they are really starting to appeal to me again as a brand. The light, pretty little 4-stroke looks like a nice ride.

  7. Irv H says:

    One look at KTM’s lineup, and the relative newcomer Husky (the new Husky) shows that the big 4 Japanese are now the ones falling behind. Where is the crf350r? The wr300 two-stroke. The starting gate in the Pacific northwest series is a sea of Orange.

  8. Cajun58 says:

    Hey Bill I believe that’s forty-eight (48) pounds (lbs) for the engine.

  9. Frank says:

    Bill, where did you get 481 lbs? All I see is “13 pounds lighter…” Reading Tessier’s response was a waste of time that I’ll never get back, Damn.
    Thanks Dirck(did I spell that right) for the new model info, much appreciated as are all the articles like these, keep ’em coming!

  10. Mountain says:

    @Tessier: I bet it took longer to write your reply than it did to read the relatively short article. Unless you read really slow…

    • Kentucky Garrett says:

      Tessier: Uh, yea dude. Chill. Dirck has been writing articles about motorcycles on a daily basis for years, and on some of those days, there’s just not a whole lot going on. Pretty understandable, I think.

      TO DIRCK: For people like Tessier (below), maybe you should have a subheading that says, “Just Look at the Picture(s).” This would make site more user-firendly for busy lawyers and slow readers like Tessier.

  11. bill says:

    481 lbs !!!!! thats a heavy 250. That has to be wrong

  12. Dave Preston says:

    Was that Tessier or “testier”? My goodness! I guess my time is less valuable, as I enjoyed reading it and seeing a picture of a new model

  13. Antonis says:

    Nice color. Good Ground clearance.

  14. PeteP says:

    Looks neat, but I like KTM’s 2011 six-speed, two-stroke, electric start, MX framed 300XC a lot more!

  15. Tessier says:

    Reading this was a total waste of time. Seriously you wrote an article to inform us all that you would love to ride this bike! How about IF you ever get a change to ride this bike you then write the article. While your at it why don’t you write one article that tells us all the bike you want to ride so that we can avoid wasting time every day by reading about what you would like to do. Thanks,