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MV Agusta Brutale Cannonball: When You Are Through Messing Around

Enough of the slow, retro stuff. You want style coupled with performance. Massive performance. If you work on Wall St., or just happen to have a huge wad of cash sitting around, the MV Agusta Cannonball might be your next bike.

The Cannonball goes beyond the standard, superbike-powered, sub-400 lbs Brutale naked by making it lighter and more powerful. MV Agusta Corse warns the Cannonball kit transforms the Brutale into a machine intended “for racing use only,” so we know you won’t try to exploit this beast on the street. Will you? A revised ECU, cylinder head, camshafts, valves and exhaust system (entirely titanium) combine to shed pounds and add 21 hp. You can take this basic kit and customize it further with a number of carbon fiber and aluminum components, including a lower fairing and tail section.


  1. Vitamin D says:

    For a minute I thought it was a tricked out gladius….. minus the goofy plastic and a single sided swing arm. Ok correction it is definitely a manly mans version of a gladius. Anybody else seeing the same thing?

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  2. Ruefus says:

    If you feel have to complain about the price – you’re missing the point of such things……and your ego is having it’s own sort of crisis. Pushing limits and exclusivity has its costs.

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  3. Mark Beavers says:

    Justin, you also can’t hear them if you go far enough!

    This bike is for solo riding. I can only imagine how it would handle with a passenger on the back. That’s what Goldwings are for.

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  4. kpaul says:

    Love it. Can’t afford it nor the insurance but love it anyway.

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  5. Wendy says:

    So where does the line form? Anyone who thinks this is outmatched by a Speed Triple ( a nice bike) hasn’t experienced the sheer blinding awesomeness of MV.

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  6. afro says:

    That’s what a bike is supposed to look like.

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  7. Doug says:

    Nope, it ain’t practical, and nope, it ain’t a bargain bike. But I’m pretty sure that’s not the point. I damn sure can’t see myself buying one, though, if I had Jay Leno money there would be one in my garage. Lighten up folks and enjoy the eye candy. Admit it, that thing would be FUUUUNNNN to ride.

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  8. Randy says:

    You eat your pork and beans…

    Everytime I’m in the presence of a MV I get it. Pictures don’t do them justice.

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  9. ohio says:

    The purpose of this bike is to showcase the best of MV Agusta’s BOLT-ON aftermarket parts. They don’t want to just sell this model, but sell the much higher margin kits to convert standard Brutale’s to this addition or a mix-and-match version somewhere between.

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  10. Mark Beavers says:

    Justin (first post), why would you want to hang a passenger on the back? I have a VFR 800. The pillion cover has never been off. With a pre-menopausal wife and two teenage daughters, I consider my bike to be a life raft in a raging sea of hormones. I have enough company at home, and I’m thankful for some alone time in the saddle. Maybe someday I can afford the Cannonball. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to share it. I guess my wife is right, I’m a selfish pig. Oh well….

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  11. Johnne Lee says:

    Plain and simple…

    Butt jewelry for the ego impaired…

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  12. Vroooom says:

    Damn that’s gorgeous. It would be the least practical thing in my garage (my Tuono is getting offended), but sure would look good there. The lack of a price tag is a bit scary though.

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  13. JustJoe says:

    Amazing to me that so many people can find only negative things to say about such a beautiful high performance machine. Enjoy your KFC and whine about the lack of centerstand on every single sportbike.
    BTW, I ride a Speed Triple, could have had a leftover standard Brutale for the same $.

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  14. Gary says:

    No list price?

    Regardless, thanks, but no thanks. I can imagine how tough it would be to get things like replacement air filters. Plus, I’d never buy a chain-driven motorcycle that lacks a center stand.

    I guess I don’t fit the target demographic …

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  15. uncle quinn says:

    “Honey, I planned on buying you that new Brutale, but your riding buddies said to go with the Kawi Z1000…Said you would be much happier with it…” Ive got a bucket of chicken that says you would go straight to your buddies’ houses and choke them out, one by one…That bike is amazing. Just pricey, that’s all.

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  16. Jack says:

    You spodes are Jealous, that is a beautiful unbelievably powerful machine
    Price aside everyone of you would love to have it.

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  17. Bud says:

    Looks like it went so fast the headlight melted.

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  18. Trpldog says:

    How quaint.
    Meet my scruffy Roulette Green Speedie named “Trpldog” on Glendora Mountain Road at 7AM.
    British Beef over Chef-Boy-R Dee ravioli.
    They can’t even fix the leaning tower correctly.
    Hoo Doggie!

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    • haggis burner says:

      +1 on that, Tripdog. Gimme a new speed3, say in matte black, with flyscreen and an Arrow 3->1 pipe.

      Stll have plenty of change left for bail.. hehehe….

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  19. Mofoninja says:

    @BillyG – That’s funny! So true!

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  20. PW says:

    Buy a Kawi Z1000 and pocket the difference.

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  21. BillyG says:

    Why didn’t they grind the ugly old passenger peg mounts off the frame. Wart on the face of a princess.

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    • Doug Miller says:

      Cause sometimes ya gotta scare the crap out of your passenger to feel truly satisfied! ; )

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    • Justin says:

      Maybe the aforementioned custom tail section includes pillion mount.

      after all, what’s the point in owning a 400-lb phallic symbol if you can’t get a woman to sit on it?

      for the record, I like this bike. Hey, it’s got a tube-steel frame, no lower fairing, and a headlight bucket. That’s retro, innit?

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    • bart says:

      Those are the mounts for the titanium/carbon fiber Gucci saddle bag option!


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