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Just Because

Occasionally, we see a bike that strikes us aesthetically, and we want to share photos with our readers.  We first saw this bike over on the Bike Exif web site, but we are quite familiar with the Mecatwin customizers in France, who have produced some great looking Triumphs, as well as some Harley-Davidsons.  Mecatwin calls this custom Bonneville the TX-A1.  Check out Mecatwin’s web site to see other examples of their work.


  1. jomama says:

    the only reason harley riders talk about the seamless tank is thats all they got.

  2. RC says:

    The tank on my sportster XL looks a lot better than this…

  3. mudnducs says:

    All it needs are some clipons or clubmans!

  4. jesse says:

    Really? The seam on the tank? I think I’m missing the significance of why such a minor detail keeps being brought up in every forum or discussion about the Bonnie. There are tons of other vintage and modern bikes (BMW’s, Honda’s, and so on) with that same seam, and nobody criticizes it. Maybe, being too young (33) to have experienced the glory days of the old Triumph’s, there is more significance to this detail than I’m realizing? Was the lack of a standing seem the cornerstone of coolness for Triumph? I’m thinking probably not…Sure, it would look better without it – but to say it spoils the whole appearance of the bike? That seems like a pretty dramatic overstatement – can’t be any worse looking than the milky plastic brake fluid reservoir…or any more non-vintage-looking than massive modern floating disc brakes…

  5. mikeard says:

    The Rocket (Rocketeer) was very nice! Like them all until, michael (from Sydney, Australia), Pointed out the seam. He’s right it spoils the whole idea and justification of purchasing one.
    August 31, 2010 at 8:58 pm Had a look at Mecatwin’s website. Lovely looking bikes HOWEVER the seam on the tanks needs to be removed. Spoils the whole effect. John Bloor should take a look at any old Trumpy and he’d notice there is no seam to be seen.”

  6. MGNorge says:

    The Thruxton and T-Bird Sport MT just look right. Those would look quite sharp in US traffic and be quite the stand outs.

  7. Mike says:

    The comment of “last days of the workers co-operative” relates to how much the bike looks like say, the short stroke model offered near the demise of Triumph. They were sucking wind, the tank was empty and not even guys like Norman Hyde could save them. Cast wheels on an original Triumph? Well, even leisure suits were once in style.

  8. michael (from Sydney, Australia) says:

    Had a look at Mecatwin’s website. Lovely looking bikes HOWEVER the seam on the tanks needs to be removed. Spoils the whole effect. John Bloor should take a look at any old Trumpy and he’d notice there is no seam to be seen.

  9. Brian says:

    Looks like a UJM with a Bonnie engine stuffed in… But, I would guess it to be a nice bike to cruise around on..

  10. Gary says:

    Nice looking bike … but I prefer the styling of the bone-stock Bonnie (perhaps with some aftermarket pipes). The Bonnie is a beauty.

  11. Cajun says:

    What does “last run from the worker’s co-operative” mean? This is a perfectly well styled bike regardless of how it got that way if you prefer something different that’s great but it does not need anything rounded tank seam, wire wheels or whatever.

  12. Trpldog says:

    Owned a new 850 Moto Guzzi Le Mans in 1976, and two XB Buells recently, and now a Triumph Speed Triple – I like the Thruxton, but nothing beats 75 foot pounds plus of “pull your arms off torque”. But again, that Thruxton would be nice one to rumble up to the Cafe on. Once my old rotator-cups completely wear out, I may look that way.

  13. Jay Mack says:

    It needs a rounded tank seam. It should not be that difficult to take the tank off and bevel the ridge along the botttom of the tank. That’s what all the Bonnies need.

  14. kpaul says:

    Wow! Nice bikes. Even the Harley bike is cool looking. Like the Thruxton the best. Thanks Dirck!

  15. Steve says:

    I looked at the site…. I like some of the Triumphs… Thruxton SS, etc… I wish someone built a Triumph Street Tracker.. I prefer a flat-tracker style bike, wide bars, etc..

    the discontinued Harley XLCR cafe racer is pretty cool too….

  16. Mike says:

    Too “last run from the worker’s co-operative” looking. It’s a couple of bolt on parts and a paint job different, like the last Bonnies were and that wasn’t enough either.
    It needs laced wheels for starters. They are heading in the right direction, though.

  17. Eric says:

    Nice looking bike – almost a dead ringer for the Triumph “Bobber” project done by Motorcycle Classics magazine:

  18. clasqm says:

    Thanks for the link. I thought the Triumphs were pretty good. Proof that you can have a good-looking bike using bolt-on parts and a sense of design.

    Then I saw their XLCR replica. I’m moving to France!

  19. Old town hick says:

    Looks genuinely nice. I appreciate the classic values of this effort. I would love to ride this machine.