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Limited Edition Moto Guzzi V7 Racer

Who has a more legitimate claim to retro cafe racers than Moto Guzzi?  The new V7 Racer unveiled yesterday is a limited edition model with a bespoke look, including handmade, brushed aluminum parts, chrome tank (complete with leather strap) and high-end brakes and suspension, courtesy of Brembo, Marzocchi and Bitubo.  No word yet on market availability or pricing.


  1. Richard Heraghty says:

    Prefer my Thruxton which also allows a passenger if you wish & have you seen the Special!

  2. Herbert E. Ross says:

    I like it, I want one. My last bike was a ’78 T3, loved it! It had the standard upgrades but I always thought the tank was ugly and the after market tank I wanted was always out of reach. When the 1000s came out I thought I would wait and pick one up on the used market, No such luck! They tend to trade at close to their original price and are hard to find.I think I fit the target audience for this bike pretty well. 50’s, white beard, used to ride way to fast, don’t need to go quite so fast, my wife won’t ride and I get in enough trouble with out picking up riders and lets face it I don’t have time for that cross country tour. Now about that college tuition…..

  3. Motortec says:

    They have 2 at Biker world in Minworth UK, i went to look at one yesterday and i totally agree they should have period alloy wheel rims, but the sales man said it cant be done as the spoke arrangement for the back wheel carrying the shaft drive wont allow it?
    I didn’t think there was still such a word as wont, cannot, not possible etc in this tecnicalodgical age.
    It boast a single seat and no rear foot pegs, so its a single mans ride to stay single i`m afraid.
    Overall it does look very nice…………….i want one.

  4. Gazza says:

    Owned a V7 Clasic for 2 years and I cotinue to get comments on how good it is to see a ‘real’ bike. Having riden for 40 years this is now my favourite bike. Who needs bulk horse power on the road when you can’t use it all. There old riders and there are bold riders but there are not many old bold riders.

  5. sparky says:

    Looks fabulous, want to see ever retro standards come on the market, ie: the new Honda 1100, the new Kawasaki W800, this beautiful Moto Guzzi, etc. Cruisers and the ubiquitous plastic Ninja monstrosities are so over man. A return to classic styling is the coming trend. THANK GOD!!!!

  6. Jim says:

    Love it. Love the black rims, love the chrome tank, could live with the number plates as I’m difficult to embarrass.

    Want one.

  7. todd says:

    The target market for this bike is not someone who just sold his Hayabusa. Spec sheets and stoppies are not a priority for someone who is looking at a V7. I do find it silly, all the people who buy bikes for their advertised High HP only to ride around at 3,500 RPM producing 20 or so HP. I’d be trading up from my R75/5 if I got one so it should feel fine to me. I’ve owned and ridden much faster bikes over the years (tops was the Streetfighter S) but as I get older I find that I ride a 50HP bike just as hard as I ride a 150HP bike – and it’s more fun and less expensive.

    I think I’d be more likely to buy the regular Cafe or put the white bodywork on the Cafe but I’m sure there are enough “Rock’a’Billys” out there for this one.


  8. BobJ says:

    I recently purchased a V7 Cafe Classic, I have a garage full of old Honda cycles. I have been riding for 40 years, yep I have a gray beard. I put 600 miles on my V7 a couple Saturdays ago, never had more fun! Since I have ridden Honda all my life, this is the first bike I have had that really handles. I have not owned a sport bike, a Ducati,or any exotic race bikes, but the fun factor per dollar is very good here.
    Power is no issue at all the bike has plenty,and it is very easy to ride in an aggressive manner, if that is your desire.

    Over the years I have carved some curves at speeds that were questionale on the bikes I was riding. The Guzzi has more handling than I have ability, at least at my age. If you need 89 Hp to have fun, this is not the bike for you.

    Carving through curves at 40 over posted, that’s enough fun for me.

    With only 655 miles on the clock I have not taken mine to the upper limit,but it has no trouble getting to 85 in a very quick way, never feels low on power..ever.

    I have 90 hp motorcycles in my garage, so I know power. I have ridden a VMax (scary)

    This version of the V7 may be over the top for some, but it looks great to me, for my money the Cafe Classic fills my garage just fine.

  9. Austin ZZR 1200 says:

    Another possible explanation as to why manufacturers do not market their standard (UJM, small-displacement adventure-type) bikes in this country:

    Dealer (retail) feedback.

    US dealers dont mind playing into the personality archetypes (cruiser / sport bike / old guy tourer) when it comes to customer (especially 1st-time) triage.

    Its probably a lot easier to sell high-margin accessories and farkles for a sport or cruiser purchase than for a standard purchase as there is more of a lifestyle purchase.

    Any dealers want to weigh in? I would imagine that the dealer networks have a lot of influence over what gets brought over here…

  10. Artem says:

    I always loved Guzzi engine geometry. (“Guzzi is BMW with rised ti..s).Nevertheless,
    as mentioned before, 40hp is not that much, in example, to 35 hp of Russian “Ural Wolf 650” that has probably BMW engine of 40’s.

  11. Don E. says:

    What’s with the black wheels? If they are going for retro then get it right. Do chrome or aluminum to match the period they are trying to emulate.

  12. MGNorge says:

    Yes, a bit overdone from the look in the photos. Maybe better in person as is often the case. Not sure on the black rims either or the number plates. Looks likes a wanna-be boy racer. Replace number plate on front with proper flyscreen, ditch the others plus silver wheels and hubs, etc. I think would be a better looking package. As far as outright horsepower, if you need more don’t buy this, but it will satisfy. There’s just something about a Guzzi!