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Motegi MotoGP Results

The Japanese round of the MotoGP series was held at the Motegi circuit earlier today, with Ducati’s Casey Stoner taking his second straight victory in convincing style ahead of second place Andrea  Dovizioso (Honda) and third place Valentino Rossi (Yamaha). In the final three laps, Rossi and teammate Jorge Lorenzo touched on more than one occasion as they battled furiously for the final podium spot.  Despite passing Rossi on the final lap, Lorenzo had to settle for fourth place. 

Following the injury to Dani Pedrosa (Honda) earlier this weekend, which has already resulted in successful surgery to repair his broken collarbone, Lorenzo has substantially increased his points lead.  Pedrosa remains in second place in the points, but his participation in upcoming rounds is questionable at this point.  For additional details, results and points, visit the official MotoGP site here.


  1. Sal says:

    Ken M is right, Why the heck would Rossi pull a stunt like that? Does he really think he can squeak out the championship by stealing 3rd from Lorenzo? Lets akcnowledge the word “teammate” is a poor choice of words to use when describing two riders on the same group of sponsor/factory house (not to use the word “team” cuz its false, team infers a collective effort). Inherently its all about number one, thats why the races are exciting. Thats why Pedrosa almost blew it for Hayden when Nicky won the championship, thats why Rossi is a selfish egomaniacal prig, thats why more than one Moto GP “superstar” put up a wall in the pit to stop his “teammate” from learning any info that might help them. If it was a collective effort you’d get NASCAR type assistance from your teammate (I can’t say more than that cuz I don’t watch it but thats what I get from hearing their techniques) and that might make for dull Moto GP. Jorge is right in protesting to Yamaha, it would in the end hurt them if Lorenzo and/or Rossi had gone down. I am sure Rossi would have been happy as a pig in …mud, if Lorenzo went down with a broken collar bone losing his shot at the Championship, even if it meant Rossi not taking it either. Its all about NUMBER One!!! They should stop the hypocrisy and lose the “team” and “teammate” monikers. Call it what it is.

  2. Patrick D says:

    Rossi is a loose cannon at the moment, and he’s not used to riding for nothing, so he’s doing his best to mark Lorenzo’s card for next year.

    Let’s face it, it was a blow to Lorenzo for next year. Rossi beat him on the same bike, and the bike that Rossi will have disappeared off over the horizon.

    I do think that Lorenzo is mentally stronger than Rossi’s previous pretenders, but strong enough? That’s what we’ll have to watch for!

    Still a dull race, all in all, though.

  3. Tim says:

    Why wouldn’t Rossi be challenging Lorenzo? Lorenzo is the one who was riding stupid. He had everything to lose and nothing to gain by finishing 3rd instead of 4th. From a points standpoint, the only way he loses the championship is if he crashes and misses races.

    This was a first rate pissing match that neither guy wanted to lose. Besides, it was Lorenzo who was trying to take the spot from Rossi, not the other way around. Rossi had been in 3rd place much of the race. The closest call came when Lorenzo was trying to overtake Rossi, not the other way along.

    I give Lorenzo credit for not simply doing the safe thing and playing it safe. At the same time, it was a stupid move on his part, and it was of his own choice. He shouldn’t be crying to managment for what transpired. He should be looking in he mirror.

    It was great for the fans. Something interesting in what has been a very boring season.

  4. Ken M says:

    Hey Dierk, how about starting a new thread about Rossi v. Lorenzo and whether Valentino who has no change of winning the championship should be fighting so hard with Jorge and possibly crashing him out of races and hurting his championship run. The controversy is swirling and Jorge is protesting Rossi’s aggressive riding to his bosses at Yamaha. This MotoGP season has been somewhat lackluster and this may be the story of the year! So is Rossi right of wrong for how hard he battled with Lorenzo?