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Positive Feedback for GSX-R600 at European Launch

European press had their first taste of the all-new 2011 Suzuki GSX-R600 this week at the Almeria race circuit in Spain – and initial responses are that it’s taken a great leap forward in all areas.

With testers from all major motorcycle publications in attendance, early feedback was extremely positive thanks to ground-up changes on the new GSX-R that is an incredible 9kg lighter than its predecessor.

Motorcycle News tester, Michael Neeves was quick to share his views on the new GSX-R, commenting, “We’ve only had a couple of sessions on track but already I can feel the major differences over the old bike. The motor feels keener with more mid range and the chassis noticeably sharper. I’m looking forward to getting back out on the bike and trying the settings suggested by three times BSB champ John Reynolds.”

Superbike Magazine editor, Kenny Pryde, got back in from his second session and added, “I’ve had the 2010 model all year as my long-term test bike, so I was really keen to get out and try the new bike. Already I can feel more mid-range performance and the chassis is very agile now. The power of the new Brembo brakes is really noticeable.”


  1. MacBandit says:

    There were no changes to the 1000 for 2011 only the 750 and 600 so it’s all in your head.

  2. drbyers says:

    I sat on a new 2011 GSX-R1000 at the dealership yesterday. The frame looks and feels a lot more compact now (at least from within the showroom). I’m delighted since I’m a short guy.

    Maybe there’s a GSX-R in my future.