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Victory Introduces 2012 High-Ball

With adjustable handlebars (you can have them way up high, or in your lap), the 2012 High-Ball, introduced earlier today, has some simple, classic styling elements, including whitewall tires and spoked 16-inch wheels.  Available in a single color scheme (you’re looking at it), most of the frame and chassis components are black.  Here is how Victory sums up the new High-Ball:

Stripped down. Bare bones. A bold throwback. The all-new Victory High-Ball rumbles down the road in the spirit of the classic bobber with an outright refusal to sacrifice performance along the way. Built piece by piece around the road-pounding 106 Freedom V-Twin, it’s a ride with all the power and agility you’d expect from a Victory. If you’re a pure rider with a passion for old-school styling, this is the bike you fire up for the first time and never look back.

The High-Ball has a raised spine like the Victory Vegas that runs the length of the bike.  It features Victory’s massive 106 cubic inch v-twin, with 97 hp and 113 ft./lbs. of torque.

The bars adjust between high and low positions quickly with simple hand tools, and the cables will reach in either position.  The controls rotate to accommodate either position.

The 16-inch laced wheels have a gloss black finish on both the hubs and rims, which are connected by stainless steel spokes.  The Dunlop whitewall tires are 130mm in front and 150mm in the back.  Many of the Victory Vegas accessories will bolt on to the High-Ball.  The “Pure Victory Gear” items will include, for instance, passenger seats and floorboards, or pegs.  Victory will also have a two-into-one exhaust system available. 

The MSRP of the High-Ball is $13,499.  Take a look at Victory’s website for additional details and specifications.


  1. Giulio says:

    Should be called the Goof-Ball

  2. Ray says:

    I think this bike will be a hit with the younger biker crowd. Victory put together a custom looking bike for $13,9.. Stock would kill a Street Bob. Or most any other Bobbers for that matter. Without lifting a wrench. I would change the headlight to round tho. I like it. And “Victory” has not left for Mexico , they are built in Spirit Lake Iowa. Get your facts right..BTW Isn’t Harley building an assembly plant in India taking away jobs from American builders? Those bikes sold there will no longer be assembled here in the US.

  3. Brian says:

    This bike stinks. Victory is falling into the ditch of taking the same frame and putting a few different things on it and calling it a new model. Looks like a Vegas with whitewalls and pseudo apes. Seriously – if you look at the Vegas, Jackpot, Hammer, and Kingpin – how different are they?

    Also – they have to get rid of that sh!tty stock exhaust system!!!! Looks like sh!t and weighs a TON!

  4. yellowhammer says:

    OK! A milestone in my life of 53 years: the ugliest headlight I have ever seen on a motorcycle…

  5. BATMAN says:

    Ok, once and for all, Victory motorcycles are NOT going to be made in Mexico. Period, case closed.

    Secondly, and as a Vic owner I hate to admit it, but this bike sure looks a lot like HD’s Street Bob. (which I love)

  6. Jeremy in TX says:

    Wow. Absolutely hideous. I can’t believe that Victory’s market research pointed them in this direction. But then again, I don’t really relate to the whole cruiser thing at all, so perhaps Victory knows what they are doing with this eye-sore.

  7. Curtis says:


  8. MikeD says:

    Victory, quit emulating H-D, PLEASE ! Try something else, anything but those damn cruisers…u have the Technology, put it to good use on else.

  9. Geoff Hill says:

    Looks interesting. Get the back of the rear fender about an inch and a half closer to tire, and get rid of the dork headlight and I might be interested.

  10. ALFY says:

    Some Victory bikes look great (Hammer series for example – the 8-ball Hammer is awsome), but this one looks … disconbobulated.

  11. Austin ZZR 1200 says:

    The Pontiac Aztec of cruisers

  12. John says:

    Not only has Victory left for Mexico, it looks as if the design department headed south as well.

  13. Dave says:

    Does this bike come with a matching Bozo wig and clown nose, or do you have to buy it separately? Because this is certainly a clownbike, and if you’re going to be riding it, you’d better make sure you’re wearing the appropriate gear.

  14. EZE says:

    Okay! Maybe I was alittle rough on some of ya’ll about the miserable whiners stuff. Everybody has an opinion. To each his own and stuff. But I do like those wheels and tires. 16″ fat bob tire’s are tough, lose the front fender, trim down the rear fender. It’s a start.

  15. jim says:

    That looks like A$$, and not in a good way.