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Honda Introduces 2012 Gold Wing

Although a rumored, radical redesign of the 2012 Gold Wing did not materialize, Honda did announce several significant changes to its 2012 model today.  Here is how Honda highlighted the changes to the 2012 Gold Wing:

Gold Wing: The Gold Standard For Two-Wheeled Journeys

Long acknowledged as the pinnacle of two-up motorcycling, the 2012 Gold Wing® continues its remarkable legacy. Its travel-oriented creds include the latest generation of sophisticated electronic amenities, starting with an updated and innovative GPS navigation system with user-friendly programmability for sharing favorite ride routes with friends and other riders, which can be accessed online via computer. The Gold Wing also now incorporates a built-in MP3/iPod® interface for a new SRS CS Auto™ technology surround-sound system for a premium listening experience. In addition to its renowned power-laden yet refined drivetrain and delightfully sporty handling, the 2012 Gold Wing also brings upgraded styling, increased luggage capacity, greater protection from wind and weather, revised suspension settings for enhanced ride compliance, and unparalleled comfort for both rider and passenger. In addition, packages for Navi, ABS and airbag do much to further the Gold Wing’s reputation as the most celebrated touring machine in motorcycle history. Price: $23,199 to $28,499 TBD. Availability: May 2011.

New for 2012 

  • Fresh styling cues produce a more integrated appearance along with a sporting edge, adding to the premium touring visage.
  • Redesigned fairing adds extra wind protection, especially to the lower body and leg areas.
  • Larger saddlebags add approximately 7 liters of additional storage space, upping total capacity to well over 150 liters including the trunk and fairing pockets.
  • Handy central storage pocket added to models without airbag.
  • Revised suspension settings front and rear yield added compliance for a better ride and more comfort.
  •  Urethane seat material and cover material give added comfort.
  • Re-shaped taillight adds a distinctive appearance and aids visibility.
  •  Wheels are now clear-coated for easier cleaning and a great, long-lasting look.
  • Updated instrumentation styling lends a high-performance touch.

Next-Generation Honda Satellite Linked Navigation System™:

  • New, fully integrated navigation system with new, brighter color screen.
  • Next-generation receiver gives quicker satellite connection.
  • 3-D terrain view, lane assist with junction view and more.
  • Complete United States and Canada mapping with points of interest installed.
  • Points-of-interest information includes Honda dealers, fuel stations, restaurants, lodging, attractions, transportation, government and emergency information and saved rider’s input with home function.
  • Voice prompting through headsets or speakers.
  • On-screen text guidance and pop-up menus.
  • Easy-to-use handlebar and fairing-mounted controls.
  • Navigation available on select Gold Wing models.

Next-Generation Premium Audio System:

  • New enhanced system offers direct MP3/i-Pod connectivity plus full device control through handlebar controls.
  • SRS CS Auto™ technology surround-sound system brings the latest in sound system technology to the Gold Wing.
  • 80-watt-per-channel power amplifier provides clear, crisp sound at all highway speeds.
  • Six-element speaker system includes two rear speakers, a pair of front speakers and two tweeters for a rich, full surround sound quality.
  • Tuner features auto bass control combined with auto volume control.
  • Standard on all Gold Wing models.



  1. TU168 says:

    In response to:

    Greg G. says:
    February 23, 2011 at 3:17 pm
    Note to Honda: If you want to sell a Automatic Tranny, this is the bike for it

    Honda doesn’t care what their customers want. You get what they want to give you.

  2. Tim says:

    I am not currently a GW rider. However, as I move toward retirement, I could see myself on one. I very much like the new style and colors. The list of options keeps growing, I like that. I also like how integrated everything is. I could see myself touring Europe on one.

  3. Kevin L says:

    Well the wait is over. I’ve owned 1- GL1100I and 2- GL1500’s and I have to say Honda I’m disappointed in the 2012. What change the bags throw on new lowers and some new electrical goodies? I guess I will be shopping elsewhere. 🙁

  4. Juan says:

    If you can’t see the front tire, it’s a car.

  5. Simon Evans says:

    Oh oh, the point is missed. Honda no longer competes with H-D in the luxo tourer category. It competes with the new BMW K1600GT and K1600GTL.

    …Who comprehensively p{ss on Hondas chips.

    Sorry Honda: a day late, a dollar short. Game changer has arrived, and you missed the boat. The BeeEmm is 5 large cheaper in the European market. That’s Honda buggered…

  6. dealmaker says:

    Wow we waited how many years for this.Honda how about letting the general public approve and vote on changes before production.The silver inserts on fairing ruin the bike as far as I am concerned and to take production out of the US has surely made lots of people thinking about buying something AMERICAN made even if the quality is sub par.Just a thought.

  7. Doug Hall says:

    I was really hoping for something much more. As great as Gold Wings are, they really do miss the point of what tour riding in the US is all about. They are smooth, powerful, and efficient but they do almost nothing for the soul! They are Accords on two wheels. The Harleys can’t hold a candle to much of what a Gold Wing does but the build, the chrome, the fabulous paint – all that stuff that needs to be constantly polished is a pain and yet a love thing at the same time. A bike in this class should not only be efficient it must feed the soul! The Gold Wing is world class vanilla pudding.By the way I do love Honda machines, I have three Honda ATVs right now and would not own anything else.

  8. Eman says:

    It took them 12 years to come up with the same old wing. I have an 03 made in the U.S. I’ll keep it For now since the new wings are now made in Japan. Sorry! but we need the help now and when I replace my wing It’ll be a new Victory cross country , Also made in the U.S.

  9. Hot Dog says:

    I’m 58 and I’ve owned a 04′ Wing since it was new. Unlike most of the experts that’ve commented here, I don’t ride nearly as much as they do, as I’ve only 106,000 miles on it. In Dakota, I needed a machine that could be comfortable from 20 degrees F., to 100 degrees F.. I know there are those that laugh and point, that it’s not really a motorcycle. I’d probably feel that way too, if a silver haired Wing rider sucked my headlight out, as I passed them on a sweeping turn in the mountains. I’m so pissed when I’ve got to change my tires every 15,000 miles, it makes the 8,000 mile oil changes seem like I’ve been short changed. On the plains of Dakota, I’ve got to sit on my steed for 10 hours at 75mph to find some mountains. Unlike other scribers, they live in utopia and they know so much more than us nitwitts that’ve got to cover states to get anywhere. Yep, it’s a Wingabago, but it halls ass and runs great. Go home, little squid boys, do your 5,000 mile years and walk around crowing like a barn yard rooster. If you’ve got to be somewhere in North America within 2 days, others are close, but most are posseurs.

    I will admit that the air cleaner location sucks and to hell with all of the electronic dodads. Nothing is forever but my Wing and I are going to see who dies first.

  10. Jay Mack says:

    This GOldwing does not have a Next-Generation Premium Audio System. If it did, it would have HD RAdio. This is the same old, same old am/fm.

    Too bad. I would have liked it otherwise.

  11. Wilson R says:

    Why not just buy a Miata? Probably weighs about the same and you can put the top up when it rains! 🙂

  12. Greg G. says:

    Note to Honda: If you want to sell a Automatic Tranny, this is the bike for it.

  13. Greg G. says:

    The trunk doesn’t match the rest of the bike. Took nearly ten years to get clear coated wheels. Are they trying to put Wind Wings out of business with the better wind protection?
    And, I bet it still has the same steering bearings as the previous generations. Honda, get a grip!

  14. big bopper says:

    Norm G.
    Do you mean the GL1000? I used to ride with a friend who had the naked version of that bike. At that time, the weight was much lighter and it carried it all down low. On a long stretch of fresh gravel we ran into once he just walked away from me on my Suzuki GS1100E.

  15. Metri3 says:

    Looks good but for the price, I will go for the new BMW K1600 GTL and the 129 lb ft of torque and the much more used friendly controls. Not to mention the much better level of dealer service I can expect form the BMW dealer network.

    Beautiful bike though, just not for me.

  16. bo_nos says:

    When I get old enough to find a Wing attractive (I’m 44), I’m going either Spyder or Boxster. Motorcycling is many things to many people, but Wings make me yawn…

  17. karl says:

    In the 1990’s, I had two 1500 Wings and in the mid 200’s a Star Road Star. I now have a 2009 Street Glide with the new frame, Brembo brakes, Progreesive brakes and front suspension, and a real windshield instead of the “deflector”. I have a combination of the Wings and the Star cruiser. it is a very satisfying combintion and,after 20,000 miles, it runs beautifully.

  18. Norm G. says:

    just an interesting factoid i’ll share. do you guys realize, (assuming they haven’t folded?) there is/was a honda dealership located in north carolina that is dedicated solely to the goldwing…? and i mean goldwings wall to wall. new, used, 1800’s, 1500’s, 1200’s, trike conversions, you name it. the only thing they were short (at the time) was the crown jewel of a mint GL100. i’m sure it’s known in the GW community, but i had never heard of it, never seen it advertised. i stumbled on it purely by accident.