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For the Old Guys

You won’t regret taking a few minutes to watch the following video. In some ways, it captures the essence of motorcycling, and is very well produced. It is a commercial for a somewhat surprising sponsor. Thanks to reader Earl for pointing this out.


  1. Craig (aka) Domino says:

    what a inspiring video, wow wow wow wake up everybody and lets not let life pass you by, Come on get up everybody and lets put some rubber on the black top,stop talking about you have a bike. take it out the garage wipe it down and crank it up now lets ride!!!

  2. JOHN E says:

    Haven’t owned a bike in 5 years..time to go buy one! Amazing video

  3. Big B says:

    Awesome, you know what? People that just dont “get” motorcycles need to watch this. It’s all about the ride and the people you are with and bump into along the way. Not necessarily what bike you are on. Its about watching your buddy get nailed with a huge bug. Or having to make 20 pit stops because of the road side chili dogs he talked you into. Its all about the ride, always has been… Excellent video.

  4. Phaedrus says:

    Great Video!!

    Not for the Old Guys, but for everyone.

    Kids should learn early on that riding is not about fancy bikes, tattoos, leather jackets or postures, but about the simple sheer pleasure of facing the wind and the sense of freedom that comes with it.

    By the way, they miss the part where the guys, after the ride, had not more cancer, arthritis, etc. Only deaf, to BS in general, remains…

  5. Mike says:

    God, I’m crying. That was excellent!

  6. Poe says:

    Wow! I REALLY enjoyed that… thanks for posting it up!

  7. Mr. Mike says:

    Not to pick nits but the styling on bikes in the B&W pictures suggests they were made in the late 1970’s at the earliest and the people in the B&W pictures look like they were at most in their 20’s, which would make the old men in their 60’s tops but the video said their average age was 80-something, so something doesn’t add up. Still a great story.

  8. bikerrandy says:

    The essence of what MC riding is all about ! Been riding for 47 years so far. If you ride you don’t need a shrink. 8 ^ )

  9. Gary says:

    Great clip. Thanks!

  10. Mike says:

    Total truth, Once you have experienced the love of the ride everything else is BS
    This video catches the true feeling of why we ride.
    On that note ” Lets Go Riding ”
    I know I am.

  11. Motonut says:

    I am old enough and ache enough to get it.

    Thanks for providing us with an uplifting piece. It was time well spent.

  12. Ron says:


  13. Freddie says:

    With all the bad news we see every day this is a ray of sunshine.We need more of this!!!
    Thank for posting this inspiring commercial,I saved it to play when the going gets tough.

  14. Wendy says:

    Wow! Just wow! My helmet is off to those guys.

  15. mthomp15 says:

    This video is sure resonate with anyone who has good friends and rides. Definitely moving… enjoy this ride thru life!

  16. Tom R says:

    I am SO gonna ride this weekend!

  17. Philip says:

    Having a bike in the garage is like having money in the bank. You can use it for practical purposes or just to have a blast! Thanks for posting that commercial!

  18. duckboy says:

    Good for them!! Makes me realize how, I, at the young age of 44 have no excuse to get out of the house and live with a purpose!!!

  19. Tim says:

    I was hoping it was a fine arts movie…I’d like to see a 2 hour documentary on those guys.

  20. Rich P says:

    Brought me to tears as well. We all have our “Bucket Lists”, but how many of us could complete them with four old friends?

  21. Mike955i says:

    Great commercial, makes the spirit rise. Thanks for posting this!

  22. Bud says:

    I needed a subtitle for the 1139 kilometers subtitle

  23. I spent 10 days in 1985 documenting a motorcycle trip to and from Daytona Bike week with Earl. Spencer won everything, except motocross (Bob Hannah). Round trip of over 2000 miles of riding and shooting. He also makes commercials (as do I) for a living. I don’t know a better person to call a friend. He gets it when it comes to bikes or anything that big, fast or loud. He is the man. Thanks “E”.

  24. Nomad says:

    perfection in advertising, where do I open an account. LOL

  25. blurgixxerninja says:

    wow. i hope when i get that old, i’m still riding. that was a very uplifting video for me.
    thanks for posting it! awesome!

  26. Tom R says:

    Brought me to frickin’ tears. Thank you.

  27. Bill says:


  28. Jeff Mess says:

    Hands down the best commercial I’ve seen; easily better than all the crap we are subjected to in North America. Can’t believe I am actually inspired by a commercial—looking forward to doing the same some day! Thanks much!

  29. Mickey says:

    Amazing. I really admire those guys and hope I am riding at there age (it’s not that far off ha ha)

  30. MaconMike says:

    That is a GREAT commercial….wow

  31. Vrooom says:

    Wow, that was really good. I was sorry it was for a bank, but excellent commercial.

  32. Maddog says:

    Absolutely awesome.

  33. kpaul says:

    Fantastic!!! Thanks Earl for making my day.

  34. Mickey View says:

    And I thought “Imported from Detroit” was good. Best commercial I’ve EVER seen. 3 thumbs up.