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Google Establishes Easy Way to Donate Directly to Japanese Red Cross

I’m sure all of you would like to find some way to help the victims of the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami. We found that Google has set up a website that will walk you through a donation, in Japanese yen, directly to the Japanese Red Cross for use in assisting victims of this great tragedy. We tried it out ourselves, and entered the amount of yen we wanted to donate (using the conversion information for dollars provided by Google on the same page).  Don’t be nervous about entering a large number, because the website will warn you before confirming the donation of the approximate value, in US dollars.  As an example, if you wanted to donate $100, you would enter 8,000 yen.   

Follow this link to the Google website, which, in addition to providing a simple way to donate, provides a great deal of information about the disaster.


  1. Ume@Tokyo says:

    I’m glad to see the link here.
    Japanese don’t quit!

  2. there is another opportunity to donate, led by longtime mot-industry veterans, John Beckefy & Greg Hatton: it’s a great effort on behalf of people working in the Motorcycle industry to help the country that has done so much for our sport.

  3. kpaul says:

    Thanks for the link Dirck

  4. muttskie says:

    While not specifically a motorcycling issue, the Japanese nation has been a crucial and enthusiastic player in all things motorcycle. I, for one, am glad to see this topic on this site. This tragedy is enormous and I hope the worldwide response, from any and all, matches that enormity.

  5. Quentin Wilson says:

    Dirck, I am surprised a lowest common denominator like “b” even reads your site! That is depressing.

    Seriously b, how are you going to say something like that without offering up some sort of solution? F-ing bizarre. I am becoming more of a Misanthrope daily… until I see how the Japanese People are dealing with their situation then I have faith. I just used the US red cross website, which has a section for Japanese relief. I wish I would have seen this first, thanks Dirck.

  6. b says:

    The Red Cross has some pretty crappy practices, and it’s not hard to find examples. There are a lot of charities out there that will do a lot more with your money.

    • Dirck Edge says:

      There are thousands of victims of this tragedy in desperate need (no food, water, shelter, blankets, etc.). No time for debate about the world’s most efficient charitable organizations. If you have some solid suggestions, you should post them. Thanks.

      • b says:

        Most situations like this aren’t funded based off actual donation amounts and the timing of the donations is relatively irrelevant as well.

        Quentin, I’m sorry you find the need to insult me because of my desire for people to not waste their money and have it actually go towards those who need it. My solution is obvious: find a better charity. The point of my post is to suggest that people spend at least a few minutes looking at where their money is going instead of blindly giving it to whoever advertises the best. I’m not demanding specifically where you should donate, just that you should make the most of your money and actually put some thought into it.