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GP Replica Monsters Available from Ducati

There are lots of ways Ducati can capitalize on its relationship with the legendary roadracer Valentino Rossi.  One of them is pictured above.  The new “GP Replica” Monster Art collection includes tank covers, seat covers, mud guards and nose fairings that allow you to transform your Monster into a replica of the Desmosedici of either Valentino Rossi or Nicky Hayden.  Get yours today!


  1. Gp rep says:

    Why not cal it a Big Mac-Cati. Looks like Ronald McDonalds delivery bike:-)

  2. Vrooom says:

    I’m thinking the Hayden version isn’t going to sell out. The Rossi one with the yellow, minus the number, is really not bad looking. Nothing wrong with a visible bike, and no one would miss you on this. I doubt I’d spend the $ on it, but wouldn’t turn a used on away. Look how successful BMW was with the Boxer Cup looks.

  3. Tim says:

    I don’t know. I’d rather have a Gary Egan, Ultimate Coast-To-Coast replica MultiStrada. Get workin’ on that, Ducati.

  4. Tom Shields says:

    Hate me if you must, but I like the Rossi rep.

  5. Mickey says:

    I’ve ridden my sons 696 Monster(I’m 60 he’s 31)and it’s not an old mans bike, unless it’s an old man that likes to rip. If you try to ride it below 4,000 rpm, it wants to buck like a rodeo horse, and it’s geared so high that 5th and 6th are virtually useless. Handles like a psychotic on meth though. Can’t imagine a better bike for tight twisties, keep it in second or 3rd and just flick it left and right.

    He bought the monster art in Orange for his and it looks great (it was flat black from the factory). I sent him a link to this report and he thought the Rossi stuff was a little over the top.

    It probably will end up a collector item in this country, but they will probably sell a million of them in Italy.

  6. Tim says:

    I’ll be 49 in a couple of weeks and I’d definitely ride a Monster, (796, please), with a similar paint scheme. I kind of agree that the number is a little over-the-top but, whatever. I’d like to see the Hayden version. I liked the Repsol CBR’s when they were available although I think the kid in my neighborhood who also had the matching helmet and leathers was only fooling himself. That would be my one and only misgiving about riding around on a Hayden rep Monster – unreasonable expectations – I’d still ride it like an old man. 8^)

  7. jim says:

    Geez. That almost makes me embarrassed to ride a Monster.

  8. Paso100 says:

    Will the new super duper paint keep that super duper plastic gas tank from expanding when it reacts with ethanol-added gasoline? Ducati is facing a class-action lawsuit over these defective tanks, BTW.

    • Norm G. says:

      are you refering specifically to tanks on the new monsters…? or the old tanks like on the old monsters, 1098’s, and original multistradas…? these new tanks are of the black plastic variety (hence the use of fairing covers) like bmw’s used for years, while the older stuff was the white molded nylon. not a chemist, so i couldn’t tell ya what the 2 different types of material are, but i would assume the black plastic/nylon is the same as what’s tried and tested on the automotive side for fuel tanks. the OE tank on my dodge ram (gas) appears to be this same black material as well as the OE tanks
      on chevy’s (diesel).

  9. Norm G. says:

    fear not the reaper (or the monster), i contend this is purely a stop-gap till such time they produce the rossi-rep to end all rossi-reps. when you’re paying a guy a rumored 20 million, you don’t recoup that investment with mere fairing kits. hold on to your wallets.

  10. Greg says:

    Delete the number, keep the paint scheme, and that would be a nice looking bike!

  11. iwc3714 says:

    Everytime I see this colour combination; I see McDonalds as a corporate sponsor.

    • Paso100 says:


    • Norm G. says:

      other than the obvious mcdonalds references aside, when i see this paint scheme it reminds me of an old 750 F1 racer which was also red/yellow and the old V&M yamaha paintscheme as ridden by the late dave jefferies at the TT. maybe some flouro yellow rim-stripes to tie it all in might help.

  12. Patrick D says:

    A backward step from the normally tasteful monster paint schemes. It’s one thing when you’re 17 and ripping around an italian city on a scooter, but manster’s ain’t for kids. I’d be embarressed with that, and I’m a relatively middling 35 years old. Would a 50 year old ride this? seriously?

    • Tim says:

      I’m 51 and I’d ride it. I know a guy who is in his mid 60’s with a Repsol Honda replica. My view on sport bikes is that they should be bright and colorful. If you’re going to have one, you may as well stand out.

    • John H says:

      I’ll be 47 in one week and I’d ride that for sure! I ride sport and offroad and the brighter the better. Let it stand out in a crowd, I want to be seen. Thats why when I’m in the woods my riding gear is a mash up of colours. When I’m laying just off the trail after a crash, someone will spot the wreckage and send help! lol

  13. joopa says:

    Have the Hayden replica stickers actually been produced?

  14. Bullet Bob says:

    I like it. I like the Monster line but their paint schemes have been a little bland. Who cares if it’s not a real GP racer.

  15. Kjazz says:


  16. Tim says:

    It may not sell, but it looks cool as hell. I like it. (Though a paint scheme wouldn’t make the difference to me in me buying one or not.)

    I’m a big Rossi / MotoGP fan, too, so I may not be he best judge.

  17. kpaul says:

    Love Monsters. But have to agree with everyone so far. Maybe this will sell better in Europe where Rossi is more well-known and the fans more rabid. Don’t you see too many sold in the USA. Monsters are great bikes. Of course I didn’t think Repsol Honda paint scheme bikes like the CBR1000 would sell. But House had one in a TV episode Go Figure

  18. Nomad says:

    The term “BNG” (Bold New Graphics) comes to mind.

    A sad direction for both Ducati and the infamous #46.

  19. Liggymon says:

    Collectors Item?
    These should pay for that signing bonus Mickey.

    Hope he doesn’t embarrass himself and Ducati.

  20. Mickey says:

    LOL you got to be kidding me. This would make sense if Val had actually ridden and won on a Ducati, but all he’s done so far is ridden a few practice laps and cashed his signing bonus check.

  21. mudnducs says: