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Jerez MotoGP Results

A wet and wild MotoGP at Jerez saw many of the top riders crash.  Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha) emerged with the win over second place Dani Pedrosa (Honda) and third place Nicky Hayden (Ducati).  At one point, Valentino Rossi (Ducati) low-sided into Round 1 winner Casey Stoner (Honda), causing Stoner to crash.  Rossi re-entered the race to finish fifth, but Stoner (although uninjured) did not finish. 

Lorenzo has the series points lead after two rounds.  For additional details, results and points, visit the official MotoGP site.


  1. dazoz says:

    Rossi is desperate to show that he’s still “The Doctor”, even more so now he’s riding a Ducati. Seemed to me that he knew he’d lost the front end so deliberately took out Stoner too. Rossi’s ego will bring him undone this season. Stoner left Ducati because its bikes aren’t as good as the Hondas, Ducati not able to supply a championship bike for Stoner under the current rules. Estoril will be the real beginning of the season unless Rossi again takes out any frontrunner he can’t pass. Rossi is under pressure, an Italian riding an Italian GP motorcycle. I just hope that he gets taken out by his team-mate Hayden and they both DNF because I wouldn’t be surprised if Rossi was riding to team orders when he took Stoner out.

  2. bp says:

    seems like just a few weeks ago everyone was already handing the championship to Stoner… hmmm.

  3. Mike B. says:

    Go Rossi!!! Let’s be honest, there’s no way Casey Moaner would have gone another 20 laps in those conditions without crashing himself out. He’s not going to watch Simoncelli, Rossi and inevitably Lonenzo pass him without getting upset and throwing it away. Casey was going to end up in the gravel anyway, at least this way he can blame it on someone else.

    Casey Stoner is a punk. Nobody looses more poorly or deals with hardships in a less dignified manner than Mr. Moaner.

    • frostbite says:

      How much of a moron are you? I have never seen any safety pins through casey’s forhead or seen him rocking to Johnny Rotten. You display the real you here, another ignorant rossi lover, you do know rossi isn’t married or have a girlfriend don’t you ?

    • frostbite says:

      Just wondering if “The Doctor” needs a eye test? I read somewhere that rossi was a doctor of proctology… he will certainly be getting a good look at the rear of the other riders this year … Or perhaps this was just another of his “Donkey” moments?

  4. Happy says:

    Rossi took out Stoner just as recklessly as Pedrosa took out Hayden. From that event to this day, I’m happy so long as Pedrosa does not win the race.

    Rossi, welcome to my sh!tlist.

    • Brinskee says:

      The biggest difference was that Hayden and Pedrosa were teammates. Teammates! One of which had the championship in sight! There is no excuse for that; Rossi was just trying to make a move. Dani’s job at that point was to help make sure his teammate did win the championship, not try to one-up him. He’s a little bastard.

    • Doug says:

      Oooh your poop list how scary. Stoner’s whined before, what’s new.

  5. brinskee says:

    Finally got to watch the race. Good for Lorenzo to play it safe. He deserved the win. Sorry to see both Spies and Edwards DNF after riding so smartly. I’ll even say that Dani did a good job even though I can’t stand him. Best result Hayden will have all season, unfortunately. Good for him. As someone mentioned earlier, Simoncelli was crapping himself with that lead. It was a fun – but completely unrealistic for the championship – race to watch.

    How long to we have to wait until Estoril? Ugh, going to be a long month…

  6. frostbite says:

    To all those Rossi fans – Think about this – IF it was Stoner who did this to Rossi – WHAT would YOU be saying ? You lot make me puke, an idiot desperate move on a wet track especially on a Ducati GP bike is fraught with danger – Rossi is learning just how difficult that bike is to ride, and Stoner paid the price.
    You just don’t like seeing anyone with talent voicing their opinion regarding a dangerous move, and dangerous it was, no question about it.
    Stoner is a far beter rider than you lot give him credit for – after all he did take the ducati to a Championship for them. Not a small feat, given the issues with the bike’s handling.
    Stop moaning, and knocking other riders. As for your precious rossi, his days are behind him now that he is on the ducati.
    Remember there is always someone out there who will come along and knock you off your perch.
    There – that ought to fire up someone.

  7. Jason says:

    The other moment I chuckled at, was after Spies (I think?) crashed, the female corner worker standing next to him smiling giving him the “thumbs up”. Of course, she was checking to ensure he wasn’t injured, but for a second I thought he might throttle her…

  8. Jason says:

    Immediately after the crash, I was thinking, “look at them all help Rossi!” while Stoner was getting no help. After thinking about it, Rossi was pinned under the bike, so all the corner workers would naturally be running over to help him out. Then, of course, they are all standing around him… Maybe not as malicious as it seemed.
    Rossi is my all time favorite, but I am afraid he will never be champ again.

  9. hasty says:

    If Stoner had just said “thank you” when Rossi apologized and saved the cutting remark for later, then Stoner would have looked masterful. However, Stoner let his ambition to be clever get way past his talent and he came across in the paddock as insincere, ungracious and smug. Later at the press conference when a clever remark would have been on the money, Stoner again chose to dump all over Rossi’s apology. It was Laguna all over again. MotoGP Hall of Fame dinner will see Stoner sitting at a table for two with Biaggi where they can do some complaining, name calling, and fighting over the last breadstick.

    and this is a great website!!!

  10. Tom R says:

    Rain: the great equalizer.

    I guess because of this, previous expectations that Honda might fully dominate the season are, ah, all wet.

  11. monsterduc1000 says:

    Rain is the great equalizer and it is usually the guys who keep there heads instead of running mach 3 that get it done. Unfortunately some of the level headed racers get taken out by the bonehead ones.

    Speaking of boneheads, way to aggressive a move by Rossi. Rossi was making big gains on him so such a move was unwarranted in those conditions. BUT, Rossi will have to do such things in order to keep pace with the other big boys unless the Duc finds some extra, well, everything.

  12. Philip says:

    I think Stoner has a right to be pissed at the Marshals. They were all over Rossi’s bike helping him to get going. It was only after some screaming that one man came over to help Stoner. Frustrating.

    • Norm G. says:

      ’twas a bit of a rossi “love-in” at that corner. i was actually surprised to see that out of iberian locals…? clearly rossi’s reputation precedes him even in intensely nationalistic spain. i believe the wise man (mel brooks) once said, “It’s Good To Be The King”… 🙂

  13. MGNorge says:

    Rainy weather does make for crazy racing and unfortunately it’s part of the game. I don’t particularly like watching it because they look like they’re riding on ice. I like balls-out racing, this looked like they were all tip-toeing around trying to keep from going down. Oh well!

  14. mofoninja says:

    Ambition outweighs his talent? Are we still talking about the “9” times world champion here?

  15. mark says:

    Rossi and Stoner both went down. Several race officials ran over and helped Rossi pick up his bike and re-start it. No one went near Stoner. There was a real problem here.

  16. kpaul says:

    Too bad Rossi is trying to race above his bike and himself. Stoner is still my favorite.

    • Norm G. says:

      better that than coasting around at 1/2 throttle i say. 🙂 better still, it shows all the ingrates that rossi is not dead, simply fastidious and calculating. a character trait that has likely contributed (in no small part) to his success.

  17. Doug says:

    Love Rossi! boohoo for Stoner. Rossi is a RACER. HA! Great race in spite of the weather.

  18. Poe says:

    Yeah, rain makes for some crazy races but I’m glad they don’t let the weather get in the way of a race, unlike those NASCAR sissies. 😉 Glad to see Hayden on the podium!

  19. Mickey says:

    Rain races can sure mess up points chases for World Championships. Better the second race of the season than the last or next to last.

    It was a wild and crazy race. I think Edwards technical problem was the front brake locked up. When they pushed it out of the trap, the front wheel wasn’t rolling it was just skidding.I’ll bet Simoncelli’s head was exploding in his helmet for a few laps there. The up and comer looked good.

    Sure wish the camera crew was as good at filming as the Nascar camreramen are. There is absolutely so sense of the terrific speeds in Moto GP. They all look like they are running 60 mph.

  20. John A. Kuzmenko says:

    That was definitely one of the better rain races to watch. 🙂
    Lots of guys crashing left and right.

    Poor Spies!
    Layin’ ‘er down with just a couple laps left.
    Then Edwards out from a 3rd place with a “technical problem”.
    Nice podium for Hayden.

    Wonder if there will be any fireworks between Stoner and Rossi later on.
    Lorenzo may be thinking what James Stewart from AMA Supercross says:
    It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

  21. JM345 says:

    What a crazy race…
    Rossi to Stoner, “I’m sorry. I screwed up.”

    Stoner to Rossi, “Still having problems with your shoulder? Obviously your ambition outweighs your talent…”

    Stoner: 1 Rossi:0

    • Ruefus says:


      More like Rossi 9, Stoner 1

      Or Rossi 5, Stoner 0

      Or it’s the second race of the season and we won’t know squat for 6-7 months.