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The Most Competitive Supercross Series, Ever?

I used to race off road, and have been a huge fan of supercross for decades.  I remember plenty of years when a single rider dominated everyone else (Jeremy McGrath comes to mind immediately).  Some of those years it was simply a boring sport to watch.  I also remember years when there were two riders who were quite competitive.  Ricky Johnson versus Jeff Ward would be one example, and, more recently, Ricky Carmichael versus James Stewart.  It has been very rare that three riders would routinely compete for the top spot, and I can’t recall a single year where four or more riders could win on any given weekend.

Before Trey Canard (Honda) was injured while practicing last week, there were five riders capable of winning this year.  The other four riders are still healthy, and, in the order of their current points total in the series, they are Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki), Chad Reed (Honda), Ryan Dungey (Suzuki) and James Stewart (Yamaha).  Stewart is just nine points away from Villopoto’s top spot, but he has won the last two races rather easily.

Each of these riders has had disaster strike at least once this year in the form of a crash, a mechanical problem, or a failure to make the main event.  With two races left, and these four riders separated by less than 10 points, I won’t try to predict the outcome of this year’s championship, but I will be paying close attention to the last two races.


  1. Big Swole says:

    With the world getting bad as it is and so called “Roll Model’s” in Pro Sports doing Crazy chit (eh um..Michael Vick), It’s refreshing to see some respectable guys on the podium acting right! Thanking the good Lord only publicly is Awesome! Something your KIDS can actually look Up too!! Hello!

    As for the question at hand, I love seeing several guys at similar speeds going for the title… Although I Loved watch McGrath dominate for 7 years too!!

  2. bikeman says:

    ok… i love motorcycle racing and have to agree about the heysus (jesus) thanking in the commentary. Honestly if they believe that it made them safe and he didn’t give a crap about the people in Japan… seriously?
    I only like to hear from the boys who don’t get up on the pulpit. I get nausea’s and hate to see Canard talk… but I’m bettin he thanked him that it didn’t break this time 🙂

  3. marko says:

    I’ve been following supercross closely since 1992. The last races this year should be barn-burners. But like the article says, I can’t remember either when there’s something like 5 guys in the running. It seems like Stewart is definitely the fastest but can he hold it together? It’s definitely nice being able to watch races live on Speed compared to seeing them weeks or months later on ESPN2.

  4. Metri3 says:

    It has been a most exciting season so far, and the finish should be a barn burner for sure. No issues with riders thanking their sponsors and our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Heck, I thank Him every night and every morning and any other time I get the chance. If you don’t like it, turn down the volume. Without sponsors we would not have it as good as we do so you guys go ahead and YELL out your sponsors names every chance you can.

    This is America and you are allowed to do so.

    • mr_dirtrider says:

      Yup. Agreed. I wouldn’t exactly call myself religious, but hearing a young man thank Jesus for his inspiration doesn’t bother me one bit.

  5. Greg says:

    I have noticed a increasing trend whereby some of the riders exploit their podium speech as an opportunity to thank and praise their lord, ad nauseum. Thus far only C.R. and J.S. have not used the podium as a pulpit, so I’m rooting for them.

  6. Greg says:

    I have noticed a growing trend during the podium interviews of riders giving a mini-religious sermon, thanking and praising their lord, ad nauseum. Of the current top 5 in SX, only C.R. and J.S. haven’t used the podium as a pulpit. So I’m rooting for them.

  7. Big B says:

    Very exciting season I agree. I like the mixing it up and the adversity that is happening. It really shows how deep each rider can dig. Even the lights class has been awesome to watch. The ProCircuit Boys have been smokin fast. Really exciting and fun to watch. Not sure if it is the best ever but close. I have the 91 season burned into memory with Stanton and Bradshaw and my favorite rider of all time Guy Cooper. That is still the best but you never know this is getting pretty darn good right now. Personally I am pulling for Dungey, he lost DeCoster while trying to mount a come back. Horrible, DeCoster was a huge asset for him. Dungey has his work cut out for him. Reminds me of the movie Dodgeball when the team looses Patches O’Hullahan…. just terrible.

  8. Brian says:

    it is great that with 2 rounds to go, we have 4 riders with a shot.. I want JS7 to win, but he needs to win out and he needs a little help..

    vegas is going to be awesome…


  9. endoman says:

    Definitely the most competitive season ever. Five different winners, probably would have been six if K-Dub didn’t crash out while leading earlier this year, and four riders within 9 points with 2 races left. If only Weimer and Grant were healthy and Pourcel could have worked out a deal with someone.

  10. rsw says:

    i’m sick of the block pass, if you can’t outride them you loose.

    • harryfxr says:

      Regardless of how you pass someone you will not make the pass stick unless you are faster. The block passed rider will simply re-pass perhaps using a block pass as well.

    • Jparsons says:

      Maybe I’m showing my age, but when I raced if you were in striking distance on the lead with a couple of turns to go you “took out” the leader, usually you both crashed. First one back on their bike won. It was expected. If you were in first with a couple of corners to go you expected the same from whoever was behind you, if they didn’t do it, it was assumed they didn’t want the win bad enough.

  11. stinky says:

    It has been unpredictable, if that is most competetive, that’s the word to use, I guess. Since Carmichael, there hasn’t been anyone that is smart AND driven enough to win consistently. I dread the podium speeches, MSRRedBullMonsterSanMiguelGeicoLordJesusChrist. So far the weather hasn’t been a factor. It’s been good racing for the most part. It’s really only boring when a rider consistently holeshots and checks out. Not been much of that this year.

    • christow says:

      “MSRRedBullMonsterSanMiguelGeicoLordJesusChrist” that is some funny stuff, it used to only be Trey Canard who thanked Jesus for personally interceding on his behalf, lately they are all name dropping. Fun to watch the racing though. I do a lot of fast forwarding through the commentary on Speed, but have I missed them discussing James Stewarts felony charge?

    • Espresso says:

      ha ha good call, yes – it sure would be nice to hear something spontaneous or orginal other than a rattled-off list of sponsers and ‘I had fun out there’…yawn.

      Bring back the 2 stroke 🙂

  12. Gary in NJ says:

    It’s one of the most exciting series that I’ve seen in a long time. And I go all the way back to the Super Bowl of Motocross in the early 70’s.

  13. John A. Kuzmenko says:

    I think of it as the closest ever, at least in my memory, between more than two riders.

    “Most competitive” makes me think of a group of guys battling bar-to-bar and start to finish every weekend, but there have been a few too many crashes, stuffs, poor block passes (AKA take-outs), brake checks, and inconsistencies to use “most competitive” in my mind when I discuss this year’s series.

    It is very close, though, and we have seen some good racing. 🙂