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Ducati Happy With Development Progress for MotoGP Bike

Valentino Rossi was nearly fourth last weekend . . . before Andrea Dovizioso (Honda) edged past him at the finish line by a fraction of a second. In the press release provided by Ducati after the race, there is a clear indication that Ducati is pleased with the development of their MotoGP bike since Valentino Rossi and his crew chief, Jeremy Burgess, came on board. Apparently, Rossi posted some lap times during the race that were similar to those run by the leaders. If Rossi can become competitive with the other “aliens”, this year will get even more interesting.


  1. Patrick says:

    I want to root for Hayden and like his attitude… But it is always something with him, he doesn’t seem to be able to be competetive with even the best equipment.

    • Norm G. says:

      curious, based on what information does he have the best equipment and support (emphasis on the word “support”)…? data communicated to you personally by a crew chief…? or an assumption (albeit reasonable)…? at the end of the day funds for team operations don’t spread jam, and he (like all the other yanks in smodern day) unfortunately hold the wrong passport.

    • Chris says:

      Yep. Hayden really sucks being a former MotoGP world champion and all on maybe the 2nd best bike for 2006…

    • Bob says:

      I can’t blame Hayden for any lack of good results. Do you seriously think any team Nicky has been on has every developed a bike around him. At Honda, the RC211V was developed around Rossi. After Rossi and with Pedro as a rookie teammate, the the RC212 was developed for that midget Pedro. Nicky could barely fit on it. At Ducati, the GPXX was developed around Stoner. Nicky had to ride what he was given. He probably only got some ergonomic things custom made for him, like rearsets and bar clamps and even some seat adjustments.

      Ever since Ducati ditched the cro-moly trellis frame for the carbon fiber frame/airbox combo and CF swingarm, the Duc has had severe hadling/grip issues. Time to go back to steel, IMO.

  2. Fool says:

    Here’s a question, why do you suppose Americans do not consistently measure up?

    • Norm G. says:

      (presses the EZ-button) A: because the American consumer market from which they emminate consistently fails to measure up. not that they aren’t talented (as nicky showed in ’06), but don’t expect a manufacturer to throw their full support behind a rider who can’t attract a major sponsor or at least keep ticket sales robust year after year (ie. fan failure). but the solution to all this is incredibly simple (presses the EZ-button a 2nd time), just support motorcycling as though it were your favorite charity.

    • Gary says:

      Not sure I agree with your premise. Kenny Roberts, Kevin Schwantz, Freddy Spencer and Eddie Lawson, among others, were all great champions in their times, and I suspect Ben Spies will rack up a championship before he is finished.

      What has always amazed me is the number of championships racked up by Aussies, despite the fact that they arise from such a small (relative) population of people. Maybe they are so fast to avoid the crocs that live down under.

  3. sultanofslide says:

    hahaha if rossi is a washed up has-been ,then i guess iv always been right about the one hit wonder (stoner).i dont care how much your in love with him,no matter how young and talented you think he is its already too late for him to even come close to accomplishing what rossi has in all classes of racing.sorry mate to be greater than the greatest you have to have a little more talent and heart!

    • John says:

      I can’t say I understand your reasoning. Stoner won a CHAMPIONSHIP on the 800CC Duc that Rossi hasn’t yet ridden to better than 5th place. Rossi has a long way to go this season to match Stoner’s accomplishments on that particular bike.

  4. Gary says:

    The championship will come down to a battle between Lorenzo and Stoner, with Pedrosa the wild card. Rossi’s goose is cooked. Any chance he had at one more championship evaporated when he signed on to Ducati. I only hope he doesn’t badly injure himself as his desperation grows.

    Just once, I’d like a world-class racer to retire on top, with grace. Rossi, like Schumacher and Agostini before him, was once the greatest. But time waits for no one.

    • frostbite says:

      What about Mick Doohan – Now there was a 5 time – in sucsession – WORLD CHAMPION who DID retire at the top of his game.
      Have you forgotten about Mick ???? Geeeeez, He was a brillinat rider, and an AUSSIE too….
      Cheers –

  5. Mark Pearson says:

    I’d give anything to experience firsthand just how Burgess and Rossi develop a platform. Hopefully they will lay it all out for us once they retire.

    I wish we didn’t have to wait for the 1000’s. Running those lame duck 800’s seems like a waste of time and money.

  6. Al says:

    Well, at least they’re going from a bike only Casey can ride to one that only Vale can ride …

    • Seymore Butts says:

      what do you mean, Hayden can also ride it, just slower than almost everyone else in the race…

  7. samr says:

    The Rossi-Burgess combo have a proven track record and alot of championships, remember the very slow Yamaha’s they left mighty Honda for? It’s only a matter of time before they start winning on the Ducati.

    • nome says:

      In 2002 that “very slow” Yamaha was a multiple race winner and second in riders championship with a great rider (Biaggi). In 2003 it was very slow with less-than great riders. In 2004 it was championship-winning bike with a champion. Its a different situation with Ducati. But still, Rossi could pull it of (bu that I mean winning races).

  8. GixxerGary says:

    Ducati may be happy but what about Vale. I’m sure not and feel bad for Rossi.

  9. kpaul says:

    For a washed up has-been Rossi is reaffirming his reputation as a development rider 🙂 I was definitely impressed with the progress he made between races. Still think Stoner takes it if he doesn’t get doesn’t get crashed by less talented and washed up riders (Rossi). 🙂

    • John says:

      Washed up? Less talented? You’re delusional. Rossi is the greatest rider ever, and has more fire, determination, and raw racer DNA than anyone else. Between he and Burgess they have more more wins and championships than anyone in modern history. No doubt Stoner is a great talent, and younger too, but that shouldn’t cause one to characterize Rossi as “washed up” and “less talented”. That’s just ridiculous! By the way, Rossi was past Stoner on the brakes before he lost the front this weekend. Let’s not forget that he and Burgess just started working on Ducati, and low sides were common on the Ducati last year. Get a grip and quit being such a Stoner weenie. They’re all great riders!

      • kpaul says:

        Sorry John I was trying to be sarcastic and humorous. Obviously I failed. 🙂

  10. brinskee says:

    Yeah what the hell happened there, Hayden? Oh well at least Edwards is gunning strong.

  11. Bill says:

    and then there is Hayden…..